♥...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!!...♥

Wish U all A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

May this new year brings u lots n lots of joy, prosperity n good luck!

from:~ Love2cook's Family

This is my 201th post!!! Yohooooooooooooooooo!!!

I've successfully made 200 postings last year! menari

Updated :~

New Year Greetings from CyberFrens...

From Emilia ~ Japan
From Kak Ieta...
and this is a doorgift from Ros~Tokyo on the Opening of her new cyberhome JintanManis.com today! Congratz ya Ros!!! senyumkenyit

From Kak Azatie...


  1. happy new year to you too!!!!!

  2. happy new year to Love sefamily..
    ceria selalu :)

  3. Happy new year For Love & family

  4. Morning Love..Wishing you a great Happy New Year 2010..May all the happiness will always be with you and family...muaaahhh!

  5. Kak Ain ~~> Happy New Year to U too kak! I know U must be jumping over n over coz ur hubby coming back today! Wish U lots of happiness! :)

    Love kena tunggu another week to my dear Hubby a.k.a Papa!!! ;)

  6. MummySeri ~~> Happy New Year to U too kak! Wish U a blessed year ahead! ;)

  7. Kak JC ~~> Happy New Year kak!!! Happiness always! ;)

  8. Kak Ummi ~~> Thank you so much Kak!!! I wish U the same...n have a blessed year ahead! Happy New Year to U n ur beloved family! ;)

  9. Happy New Year dear Love, Love's hubby, Rishie & Ashika,
    May this new year brings lots of happiness, joy and great things in your life... thanks so much for this meaningful friendship.. :)

  10. Ijan ~~> Happy New Year to U too Ijan...May U have a blessed year ahead with ur beloved Hubby and Mikael! Thank you for the frenship too! ;)


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