♥...Some pics of my kids...♥

Uhhhh...right now Love is still down with flu and cough..uhuk uhuk! :sakit:

Both Rishie and Ashika are still under medication...
sedih But, as long as they stay energetic like always, I worry little...it's hard to see them unwell and weak...

Love lost appetite since caught up with this flu lor...but I managed to cook for my dearest Hubby and kids today...some Chicken! kekekeke...

Okey, since I'm running out of idea on what to update today, why don't U ladies have a look at my dearest Rishie and Ashika's photos...kihkihkih!

Pics were taken last Saturday b4 we went to our relative's birthday party...

Sorry...no foodie pics till I'm back to normal!


  1. Adoi.... memang cute betul models tu..

    Ashika tu macam anak patung laaa...

  2. Hi Love...
    You are still having flu ye? so sorry to hear that.. take lots of rest and get well soon ya!
    love Rishie and Ashika's pics.. so cute la diorang tue. Rishie dah macam big brother. Ashika pulak macam doll... especially in that princess gown :)

  3. They both are lovely... one handsome prince and cute little princess... surely mum & dad are good looking too...psssst when are you going to show yourself...tak acilah main nyorok2..you've seen me so need to show yourself too... baru adil kan...hehe

  4. heyy luv!! get well soon yaa..kiss2..

    to LIL Ashika..she sooo cute ;))
    to big bro..hensemmmm boyyy ;))

  5. Hi Love...hope you felling better soon...take care...handsome rishie & beautiful Ashika...pandai posing hihihi

  6. So cute...this two darling....n LOVE get well soon...im missing ur food....

  7. Hi kak Love,
    sooo sweet ashika. macam baby dolls plak. muah dr auntie.. Rishie is soo handsome. :)
    how r you? hope feeling better today. take care ya

  8. Hai Love,
    Morning....Semoga u sempat sembuh dan dapat main masak² cam biasa..

    wahhh..Ashika soooooo sooooo cute dan rishie so hansome

  9. heheh cute lah .. musti LOVE dan hubby juga cute kannn ...

  10. Love... ur prince so handsome and ur princess so preety...get well soon and do take care..:)

  11. eeuuuwwww..geramnyerrrrrr.....both so cute!mesti the father and mother handsome gorgeous ni...!

  12. *Lari2 anak masuk umah Love n cubit2 pp ashika!!Gerrraaammm!..Rishie tak boleh nak cubit..dah tough guy oready..kang ada aunty sue kena karate..hihih...

    Love...hope u get well soon..take care ya..miss u!

  13. LOve~very cute la asheeka..
    nak cobet pp bleh ;)..


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