♥...Friday Food Review ~ Pineapple Pudding / Puding Nenas...♥

Suppose to make Lychee Pudding by Kak Hanieliza. But only later I found out that I don't have any canned lychee available at my shelf. But I had canned pineapple, so used it instead.

Followed measurement by Kak Nor and got the result I wanted. Simply delicious pudding, a scoop was never enough! Have it chilled, U'll forget the world...try it!

Here's the translated recipe...bunch of thanks to both sifus!!! tepuktangan

PINEAPPLE PUDDING (originally adapted from
Kak Hanieliza's Puding Laici)
Recipe source : Kak Nor

Ingredients :~
  • 10gm agar-agar powder
  • 5 cups water
  • 8 tbsp sugar, about 3/4 cup
  • 1 can evaporated milk (400gm Ideal milk)
  • 1 canned lychee ( pineapple)
  • few drops of yellow colouring ( I added)
  • 1 tsp pineapple essence ( I added)
  • -keep some fruits for garnishing
Method :~
  1. Blend canned fruits with 1 cup of sugar syrup from the can (just for seconds, not to make it too fine).
  2. Boil agar-agar powder with water until dissolved. Add sugar, continue boiling till sugar dissolves.
  3. Turn off heat. Mix in the evaporated milk and blend fruits. Stir well.
  4. Pour into desired moulds or ramekins. Cool before chilling. Serve with additional fruits...
This is a little soft pudding. Scoop to enjoy...;)

I've posted my version of Lychee Pudding HERE before...!

Aite, have a great weekend ahead friends! babai


  1. disebabkan akak dtg dulu, love kene bg lebihh! kekekeke..... patut la gambo dah lawa2..ghupernyer dah ade en.macro yer! tahniah love... mmg debombbbbb! :).... tp btol la kan... bila lense da byk, nak g mana2 kene heret beg besa2... sampai sakit bahu dbuatnyer! tuh tak campur tolak bahagi nk dukung `hand bag` bernyawa! hihihi

  2. Hello!!!

    Thanks a bunch for visiting us...I wonder why i was not aware of your space this looong..The pictures are just mind blowing and i can see your passion in cooking...Love to come back for more....See you around...


  3. Hi Love, thanks for the award. Sedap nampak your pineapple puddings.

  4. love....tergodanya tengok puding tu....mesti sedappp sangat ni...nak sikitt...

  5. hai..love, thanks for the award. nice your puding, akak memang suke puding bnyk tu, mintak akak yg besar tau! he..he.., bekas roses tu pun cntik..

  6. Love

    great pineapple pudding..and those pics..goshh fantastic!!

    have a great weekend dear..

  7. Kak Hana ~~> Hehe, sure kak!!! Take how much U want. Yes kak, right now tengah belajar ambik gambar guna macro pulak. Memang tgn tak steady, malas nak guna tripod pulak! ;)
    Betul3! Mmg males nak angkat beg dslr gi mana2, pakai lumix je. 'Handbag bernyawa'...hahahaha! tergelak Love! :D

    Kairali sisters ~~> No worries, U r here finally. Welcome to love2cook's. Sure we'll keep in touch! :D

    Kak Hazila ~~> Hehe, thanks ya kak! :D

    Mas ~~> Cukup ke sikit Mas? Ambik je...;)

    Kak Am ~~> Hi Kak, bekas ros tu baru dirasmikan. Kekeke ;)

    Kak Yat ~~> Thanks ya kak, just started using macro lens. ;)

  8. ni apa pasal pagi2 dh goda orang dgn puding ni... huhuhuhu... benciiiiii...

  9. wahh love, puding laici dpt anak baru!! hehe.. puding nenas ya.. gud idea... dr laici dah lahirkan mangga, buah kiwi, strawberry, longan... haaa arini nenas pulak! bravo2.. kita tunggu anak apa lak lahir lepas ni.. che mat kata nak buat anak durian hihii

    psst!! nice pic & tq so much sbb jd follower for exploreterengganu blog :)

  10. hi love,
    great pics...pudding looks silky and yummmy...

  11. Wow ! this looks so rich, delicious and silky. ummm virtually having this ;-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Sweet, fresh, soft...this pudding looks delicious dear, I love pineapple. Bye, have a good week end

    P.S. thanks for the award

  13. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to have found yet another Malaysian blogger (I'm a Malaysian myself!) as I live in Australia and always get craving attacks for Msian food... blogs help me get my dose of drooling over the delicious food, lol.

    This pudding looks delicious!!! I love puddings in general.. mango pudding, lychee pudding, pineapple.. semua ada semua suka!!

  14. Looks really appetizing..nice pudding....

  15. Wow... very delicious and yummy pudding.Love the pictures.Love to try it...

  16. wow dear .. its look nice and really lookks sweet .. like uuu and kidss

    miss uu dear .. akak x feeling well today .. but gagahkan diri jenggah kawan2 .. :)

  17. love!!! allaaa lambat datang mesti kak hana dah makan semua puding nih..dah la lawo..memang sedap kan!!! musti try

  18. Yummy pudding, truly very tempting..

  19. tengok pun da taw sedap pineapple puding nih sis....gimme one slice!!!~

  20. Hy Love,

    too tempting clicks...! delicious pudding recipe...can t wait to giv a try..!

    As am little busy in my bro's wedding..can t spend time for blogging...now am back to enjoy these yummies..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  21. wow..wow..memang mabeles..nakkkkkk

  22. Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a wonderful space here...!

    The pudding looks absolutely divine!

  23. hi love..ape kabar..x tahan tgk puding yg berkilat ni..kalu dpt semangkuk alangkah bahgia nye

  24. Ooohh drooling pictures and pudding.. my lovely and fav flavors...

  25. Mouthwatering pudding,looks so yummy.

  26. très savoureux ce pudding en plus joliment présenté
    bonne soirée

  27. hi love, miss u, sori ya lama ros tak dtg sini, ros sibuk sikti layan anak2 tak sihat, wah puding nenas tu nampak so tempting lah love, nnt simpan utk ros dua bekas ya :)

  28. oh love...buat kakmin sakit jiwa tengok last pin yang besar ni...huhuhu..rasa nak jilat skrin ni tau... :P

  29. hi love..
    nice picture...wth new camera?
    happy weekend to u to...

  30. Look at this pudding, remind me I have too long did not make any pudding..yummy yummy. So you actually bought that casserol from Jusco, nampak cantik juga..

  31. This pudding must be very light and tasty. I love pineapple.

  32. Kak Anawahid ~~> Hehe, jgnlah benci2 kak!!! ;)

    KakNor ~~> Kita tunggu for CMG puding durian ye kak! Hehehe ;)
    Owh no mention! :D

    blu4sky ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Deepa ~~> Thanks ya :D

    Federica ~~> Thanks ya Fed ;)

  33. Kimberly ~~> Hey, thanks for coming in ya! Yeahhh we are proud Malaysians ma!!! I pun sukeee ;)

    Prathiba ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Indianspicemagic ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Kak Ieda ~~> Thanks ya kak! Uh, akak tak sihat ke? Take care ya :)

    Kak Atie ~~> Thanks ya kak! :D

  34. Kurinji ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Izah ~~> Yes Izah, confirm sedap, try!!! :D

    Priya ~~> Thanks ya :)

    Noorsha ~~> Ambik byk mana U nak ya ;)

    Jay ~~> Thanks ya Jay. Owh really...thanks for coming over! :D

  35. Kak Lina ~~> Ambik kak ;)

    Mas ~~> Hehe, thanks for tag Mas! :D

    Lissie ~~> Hi, thanks for visiting me back!!! :D

    Kak Zai ~~> Memang bes klu dpt kak! hehehe ;)

    Pavithra ~~> Thanks ya..;)

  36. Pushpa ~~> Thanks ya :)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Ros ~~> Owh, how ur kids doing now Ros? Take care ya...here's pudding for U!!! :D

    Kak Min ~~> Hehe, tak sengaja kak! ;)

    CuteOven ~~> Hi, no ya. Still the same dslr, but with new macro lens. ;)

    Sonia ~~> Hi Sonia, U should make some puddings soon then! hehe ;)
    Yeah, I bought those casseroles actually coz of the rose print and since they r porcelains. The other plain white ramekins I have are porcelains too ;)

    Katerina ~~> Thanks ya Kate! :D

  37. Ow...! This looks awesome. Good idea to try with pineapple...!

  38. Beautiful presentation ma, i simply adore ur work.

  39. nengok puding love tu terasa nyaman tekak kalau dpt rasa....

  40. Hi LOVE..terima kasih bagi Kak Intan award tu...sekarang Kak Intan pula nak bagi LOVE award..nanti datang rumah ambil ya..he..he...sedap nampak puding nenas tuhhh...

  41. wow wow wow...I am drooling looking at those pics...superb ;))

  42. beautiful pudding, inviting clicks, great

  43. Delicious and yummy pudding..looks so inviting, drooling


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