♥...My Birthday Gift & An Award...♥

No food post for today as I was little busy the whole yesterday doing nothing...Hahaha! jelir

Well, I cooked for both lunch and dinner...that's a lot of work already right!

I recently celebrated my 31st Birthday, on 7th Nov. A prezzie from beloved Hubby is a must...owh, I'm so mean!!! marah

Panasonic Lumix FH20, a pocket digital camera this time. A gift which I can keep in my bag and walk around, get some candid shots. I'm beginning to like the camera, pics are good especially outdoor ones.

Can't be carrying our Canon dslr bag everywhere. That's mainly to shoot food pics and hubby's marine aquarium. Also for vacations and functions. Newayz, I love both the cameras!!!

Thanks my dear Hubby, in Cape Town right now...missed U Chelo!!! love

Next, I received an award! Ms. Biren@RotinRice and Ms.Ruby@punjabifooddiary passed me One Lovely Blog Award. I should first apologize for posting the award little late here. I'm suffering from a short term memory loss lately...hehehe! Luckily I browsed through my folders and found my pending homework.

I'm honoured to see my blog listed in their 15! Thank you so much to the beautiful ladies.
The award comes with few rules. I have to link the sender who gave me this award, then pass the award to next 15 awardees and let them know about the award. That's all...

I'd like to pass on the award not to just 15 friends of mine...but to everyone I knew through blogworld! Fair??? Don't worry, I'll message U whenever I'm at your site...deal!

Again, thanks a ton to Ms. Biren and Ms. Ruby!!! God Bless...peluk

Did anyone else passed me any awards before and I've not collected them till now? Buzz me please...

Alright gotto go...see ya'll next time! :wave:


  1. Hi Love..lamanya k.atie x zoarah Love..bz sikit.Wah!!brtuahnya dpt hadiah dr HB...blueeee kamera !!!!

  2. Love, what a nice bday gift... jeles tau! bz doing nothing? ha ha ha.....

  3. Wow, that's a very nice b'day gift!! I know Pan.Lumix is really a good camera coz my hub owns a DMC-TZ7 and i must say that the night scene is one of the best I've seen...the pics are not "yellowish" even if you take them in the "night mode". Have fun with that cam!

  4. that's a great gift, congrats on your award dear

  5. Hi Love!

    Wow lovely gift frm beloved hubby...enjoy ur life dear.

  6. wow! best tuhh.... takyah risau nak bwk kamera gebabak2! kadang mmg leceh kan love.. hihihi... pinjam!! kekekeke

  7. Hi love, you got a great present..lumix same as mine.. I like lumix.. Enjoy photo taking:)

  8. hepi belated besday love... haha... mmg senang teros masok handbag n jalan... yg besar bole simpan... akak punya yg kecik dn comel dh rosak... sayang sangat, banyak dia berjasa ngn akak tau... haha

  9. Hey congrats dearie :) fr the lovely gift frm hubby n the precious blogger award :) God bless! tc :)

  10. Last year My hubby gave me sony cyber shot which was very small and handy. So go girl enjoy your gift to the fullest. and carry it every where ;-) Congrats on your award also

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Love dear, thank you for passing the award to me. Will have to collect it soonest possible before I forget. As of now, I have 2 more pending homeworks to do. Gosh!

    Hubby in Cape Town? Why didn't you guys tag along? Cape Town is a lovely place to visit. Don't forget to visit the Table Mountain when you're there okay.

  12. That's a wonderful gift, dear. Congrats on your award, bye

  13. hi love, thanks for the awrd ya..nanti akak tampal in my blog k..wah jelesnya dapat camera baru lagi..yang lama kalau love tak mau kasi akak lah..hahaha boleh gitu?...

  14. hai love bestnya dpt hadiah..senang nak bawa kemana kan

  15. hi love..wow best tu dapat kamera baru...terima kasih bagi award tu ya..
    bila buat roti tu kasi mama juga ya..hihi..

  16. hi love, thanks for the award ya.. nice camera tu.. congrat :)

  17. that is a great gift from ur Hubby! And Congrats on ur award and thanks for sharing with me!

  18. Congrats dear for the award and thanks for sharing it with me..Wah bestnya dpt kamera from your beloved hubby, great gift indeed..

  19. hi love.....nice camera tu...my peberet kaler...heheh.thanks for the award tu...nanti akak tepek kat blog akak...hehehe

  20. Hi again Love. Pecah rekod tau. I posted your award the same day I received it! Kagum pada diri sendiri nih. Hahaha... Anyway, I have something for you at my blog too. Tapi tak de paksaan okay. Do at your own freewill. Kotlah boring menunggu hubby tersayang balik, then you can just jawab the soalan periksa okay.

    p/s : Erk...on board a vessel eh? Then forget it la... hahaha... baik duduk kat rumah daripada you feel wobbly most of the time kan Love? :D

  21. Thanks for the award, am glad to receive it :)

  22. happy belated birthday love ,wahhhh i love lumix ,mine also lumix ,thanks for the award nnti akak ambil ye dear,muah to the lovely kids

  23. Kak Atie ~~> Hehe, blue is my most favourite colour kak!! :D

    Kak Rose ~~> Yeah kak...bz not doing anything. hihi ;)

    Mel ~~> Owh really. That's good na. For me, camera is a must. I'm not happy with my Sony Satio, that's why opted for a digicam. Our dslr is too big to carry around, unless for vacations/functions and also to shoot food and my hubby's marine tank.

    Krishnaveni ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Kak Nur ~~> Thanks kak, U too! ;)

  24. Kak Hana ~~> Betul kak, mmg payah nak angkat beg dslr gi mana2. Tapi kalau vacation or functions, food and aquarium photos guna dslr je. Lumix ni tuk saje2 je. Hehehe ;)

    Juwita ~~> Yeay same pinch Ita :D

    Kak Ana ~~> Yes kak, yang besar simpan kat umah. Lumix ni tuk saje2 je...hehehe :D

    Ruby ~~> Thanks alot for the lovely award ya! :D

    Deepa ~~> Hehe, it's always with me ya...I'm enjoying it...;)

  25. Federica ~~> Thanks ya Fed!~ :D

    Kak Ayu ~~> Hehe, no mention ya! Camera lama takde kak. Dslr still maintain. Lumix ni for candid shots during outing je. ;)

    Kak Rosaliza ~~> Betul kak, very handy. ;)

    Mamasyipah ~~> Thanks ya kak! :)

    Kak Nor ~~> Thanks ya Kak!!! :D

  26. That is a cool gift and congratulations on the award.

  27. Fathima ~~> Thanks ya, U deserved the award too! :D

    Treat n Trick ~~> Thanks ya kak, U deserved the award too...;)

    Kak Lizahanum ~~> No mention ya kak! Silakan ambil award tu ya! Blue is my fav color tooo! :D

    Mamafami ~~> Hahaha, yeayyyy U did it kak! That was quick! ;)
    Sure will do my homework when I find some time. Byk soalan tuh! :D
    Mmg takleh ikut hubby kak. Vessel tu tempat kerja dia. Klu permanent base, leh migrate kan! ahakkkzzz!!! ;)

    Sharmilee ~~> Thanks for accepting the award ya!! :D

    Kak Mi ~~> Same pinch kak! Sure, thanks for accepting! :D

  28. Ms. Pushpa ~~> Thanks ya, U r one of the awardee too! :D

  29. So prefect gift, wat u need for ur food photography na:p..congrats on ur award and thanks for sharing dearie..

  30. Hi Love,
    Happy Belated Birthday To You...thanks for the award...congratz, you got a great present too...

  31. That is a lovely gift. I am having my name day tomorrow and my husband promised to buy me a new camera as well. Happy Birthday!

  32. Priya ~~> Thanks ya Priya and no mention, U deserve the award! :D
    Well, the Lumix is for candid use only. Still loyal to our Canon dslr for food photography. ;)

    Kak Yatie ~~> Thanks for accepting the award kak! ;)

    Katerina ~~> WOW, that's a good news ya! Congratz! :D

  33. jap..jap..hihih mesti nak pasang speaker kuat2 bila singgah sini..come to collect tthe lovely award..many thanks love!
    waahh baru sweet 31st yehhh...hepi belated birthday yeah! stays gorgeous as ever!

  34. wow!that's a lovely gift luv!
    Congrats on ur well deserved award n tnx a lot for sharing with me D:

  35. Kak Love...
    how are you?? sehat ke??
    Thanks alot awardnya ya....
    sudah aku pasang barusan di blog :)

    happy belated b'day jg buat akak ni...
    masi muda la, 31st tu.. hihihi

  36. Dear,I am happy to share the versatile blogger award with you .Please collect it from my blog and pass it on.

  37. hi love
    thanks for the award..nanti i buat posting
    and m so jeles with your new lumix, tgh aim jugak but dunno what to do with my existing sony tu ;-0

  38. Wow! Thatz a lovely gift..Congrats on your award..thanks for sharing it with me dear..you are really nice..

  39. Thanks Love for the award & your thought for me. Wah, you have a lovely gift too, lucky you. Anyway, I've posted the eggless choc cake just now... happy baking!

  40. you're a November girl too.. belated Happy birthday!! I love your new camera! :D

    congrats on the awards and thanks for passing it on to me! :)
    Take Care!

  41. That's a lovely gift dear and congrats on your award...enjoy!

  42. dear love..hepi belated besday ya!! may everything that u wish 4 come true..GOD BLESS U!! akak jeles tgk hadiah baru yg love dapat tuh..hehee!

  43. Congrats on your awards too ms love and thanks a lot for sharing it with me as well...

  44. hai loveeee..very sure ur on the bed right now..sweet dream dear...kmaz dtg nk amik award ni..tqvm..anyway hope blum trlambat lgi 2 wish u Happy Besday..smga gmbira slalu..muahhhh..lebiuuuu..

  45. That's a cook birthday present!
    Congratulations on your award!

  46. Très bon anniversaire mon amie.
    Tu as reçu un magnifique cadeau avec lequel tu vas pouvoir faire beaucoup de photos pour ton blog aussi.
    Merci pour le prix, je l'accepte avec plaisir.
    See soon.

  47. Wish u belated birthday day dear. Hope you had wonderful day and wonderful gift as well. Waiting to see all ur candid shots. By the way thanks for passing me the award. I should thank this blogosphere to get such a good and loving friends. Have wonderful weekend.. As here everyone are in holiday mood cos of thanksgiving.

  48. hi love..
    i missed this entry..ketapi dah tinggal..
    wow!! bestnya hadiah..
    guna compact senang kan utk ladies ni..congrats!!
    so sweet n lovely la ur husband..untung u tau!! hihi

  49. Thankyou for sharing the award with me...Happy Thanksgiving.

  50. Congrats on your birthday present! Without our camera in our "food blogging world" is like having a pen without the paper! He! He! Mine was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS6. Seems like hubbies of foodie bloggers does think alike when it comes to birthday presents!
    Thank you so much for sharing the lovely award with me! I have another homework not done too! Will collect next week! Thanks again!


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