♥...Simple Fried Turmeric Chicken / Ayam Goreng Kunyit...♥

Quite sometime now since I posted my favourite chicken here na...really? hah

Caution!!! This is a very simple chicken dish...anyone can do it, lol! jelir

Goes very well with hot plain rice!


Ingredients :~
1/2 chicken ~ cleaned and cut into medium size
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tbsp shallots paste
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp coarsed blackpepper

2 onions ~ cut into rings
1 pc green chilli ~ sliced
1 pc red chilli ~ sliced
2 stalks lemongrass ~ lightly crushed

cooking oil

Method :~
  • Marinate ingredients A for 30 minutes or longer.
  • Deep fry the chicken pieces in oil until cooked (I like to fry them little darker). Keep aside.
  • Reduce oil in wok to the minimum. Saute ingredients B for few seconds and throw in the fried chicken pieces. Check seasonings. Leave the chicken to coat well with the ingredients for 5 minutes. Ready to serve.
* U may also use boneless chicken pieces for this recipe. Boneless chicken breast or keel
  parts are good.
* U may also put additional blackpepper.
* U may add long beans or carrots to this dish

Easy na??? I told U so...hehehe...

Enjoy Your Day...See ya! kenyit

Sending entry to Dr.Sameena's Chicken Recipe Event


  1. thanks for the award and the lovely tots Love...:))))
    waaah!ada ayam pagi2 ni.sedap makan dgn nasi panas.best2..clap2...:D

  2. love, maceh untuk award yg cantik tu...
    mas suka ayam goreng berkunyit dimakan ngan nasi goreng...sedapp kan love..

  3. Hi sis Love,
    :D still have maruku for me?
    Ayam goreng bawang camtu, my Mama suka. Dia slalu buat. Mudah dan cepat untuk dimakan. kihkih ;)

  4. Love, ur ayam goreng is so simple yet sooo yummy looking! rasa nak amik pinggan nak join makan sekali... n thanks for the lovely award.

  5. wow..yummy..it looks very tempting... congrads on ur award and thanks for sharing it with us.
    u girl looks very prity...

  6. haaa very the very yummeh! i like

  7. Hi love..
    u ni mmg malaysian la..resepi paling I suka!!

  8. menu mcm ni pon dh sedap kan love... ni dtg nk amik award... sori lambat sampai coz naik basikal... hehe... thanks dear... ;)

  9. love.., mintak sepinggan ayam tu..! sedapnya..

  10. hmm yummy...for beginner like me...i shud try this...thx Love 4 d wonderful recipe

  11. I am veg... but would like to try this wounderful with soya chunks and mushroom....

  12. Simply delicious chicken fry....

  13. Gud your hubby always enjoy your..air tangan....that is the magical spell of a WIFE...that a husband will never forget.....:).....thank u singgah dapur ayu....appreciate the award.....

    I am still in my HECTIC Mode.....uwaaaaaaaaaa!!

    Ayam goreng kunyit.....waaaaaaaaa cedapnyer...adn mudah tuuuuuu!

  14. wov platter is so tempting ki eat jst now r pic are also attractive.
    congs fpr award and thanks for sharing it with me .i feel honoured thanks

  15. Thanks for your lovely award. All the ingredients in this chicken dish are my favourite, look just so delicious !

  16. simple dish like this is actually a hit in my family, thanks for sharing.

  17. Very tempting turmeric chicken, sounds as a prefect starter..

  18. arghhhhh sedap sedap sedapppp! thanx love... akak pong brought u kek cekelatttt! nak tak?? hehehehe

  19. Hi Love...
    how ur u?
    Yummy2....sedapnyer ayam grg tu,bg seketoi bleh?
    Akak ngn bby sihat2 semo.

  20. Hey...first time here...what a lovely space...lovely kids....and yummmmy chicken.

  21. This is quick and I believe it is delicious too. I love chicken.

  22. Helo Love,

    ur chicken look fantastic eventho its just simple to prepare it.Yup, agree with u must finish it with hot plain rice..hehehe..don't forget reserved for me 1 plate of chicken pls...

    Love, tq for the award..will soon update.

  23. Looks yummy! I love tumeric chicken. This would be lovely with nasi lemak.

  24. I like cooking chicken this way too but I must have something side gravy dish to accompany it.
    On your question, suggest just skip the milk powder as the batter is already thick enough. Furthermore I added 1 cup Yoghurt to the recipe which should be enough to offset it.

  25. I accept your award dear :-) and that's a delicious starter

    Hamaree Rasoi

  26. Thanks so much for the award dear..
    This chicken looks super delicious, simple and flavorful..irresistible

  27. This chicken dish is delicious! I hope that you will do well for the chicken event :D

  28. Kak Anymz ~~> Hehe, no worries kak! :D

    Mas ~~> Love lum pernah try ngan nasi goreng Mas. Kena try ni, coz Mas dah rekomen! :D

    Nur ~~> Sorry ya, murukku dah abis lor...ni ada ayam for U! ;)

    Kak Rose ~~> Join je kak...come come! :D

    Suhaina ~~> Hehe, no mention ya! Thanks for the compliments ;)

  29. Zarin ~~> Yeah, me too..hehe ;)

    Faradean ~~> Owh, thank U so much! We are proud Malaysians!!! :D

    Kak Ana ~~> Aisey baik2 tunggang basikal tu kak! Haha, thanks ya kak ;)

    Kak Am ~~> Here's for U kak ;)

    Anits ~~> Try it my friend, sure success! Don't forget to send me some tau :)

  30. Indianspicemagic ~~> Yes dear, U may sub with soy mades. ;)

    Pushpa ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Ayu ~~> Hehe, missing my Hubby now!!! :( Yeahhh mudah kan ayam ni...buat time love malas...hehe ;)

    Kurinji ~~> Thanks my friend ;)

    Santosh ~~> Thanks ya..no mention ;)

  31. Sonia ~~> Simple but good na! hehe ;)

    Makcikkantin ~~> Sure, no problem ya ;)

    Priya ~~> It's simple but tasty ya...;)

    Sushma ~~> Thanks Sush~ :D

    Kak Hana ~~> Yeayyyyy dapat kek!!! Ambik ayam kak...hehehe ;)

  32. Kak Deeja ~~> Hi Kak, good to know U n bb doing fine there. Owh bolehhhh ;)

    Nisa Homey ~~> Hi Nisa, welcome to my space!!! Thanks for the lovely comments...will visit U soon! :D

    Katerina ~~> Yes U r right...it's simply good ;)

    Kak Nur ~~> Hehe kak..sure sure! Here's a plate for U!!! No mention ya :)

    Kitchen Flavours ~~> I never tried with NL before...should be good na ;)

  33. Kak Roz ~~> Hehe me too kak! I had it with egg sambal...ahaha ;)
    Thanks for the tips ya...will try soon! :D

    Deepa ~~> Thanks ya friend :)

    Suja ~~> Thanks ya friend ;)

    Zoe ~~> Thanks for ur encouraging words ya! :D

  34. thats interesting n eazy!!!!!tx fr sharing dear :)

  35. I love your chicken recipes. Every one of them makes me drool! This reminds me of a dish I used to have from a hawker stall when I was at uni - nasi ayam goreng, or was it nasi goreng ayam? I am always confused. Order one way you get the fried chicken and plain rice. Order another way and you get nasi goreng with ayam! Anyway, the chicken here looks exactly like it. Must try, yummy.

  36. delicious chicken...beautiful presentation...


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