♥...Nasi Lemak Bungkus (Wrapped Coconut/Creamy Rice)...♥

Hello, good morning friends!!!

First of all I would like to thank all the good-hearts out there for wishing me and my Hubby on our 7th Anniversary yesterday. I was so happy to see 56 comments under my post and also at my shoutbox, nothing but wishes wishes and wishes! Heartiest Thank You to all U!

For those who missed the post...see entry before this or click HERE.

Okey, coming to my today's post title...I did not prepare any Nasi Lemak Bungkus but I wanted to share something about it. This is merely like promoting the Nasi Lemak Bungkus, be'coz we just loved the taste. Usually Nasi Lemak Bungkus is wrapped much earlier using banana leaf. The aroma of the banana leaf will give magic to the content! The amount of rice is little just enough for a light breakfast. It's also sold at cheaper price. Other condiments besides the coconut rice, would be some anchovies sambal, egg slice, fried anchovies and some cucumbers.

Now where do I buy these Nasi Lemak Bungkus??? After trying out at many stalls, we happened to drop by at EonBank Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang one fine morning. Saw a Malay lady with always a welcome smile selling them infront of the bank. I did not buy the same day coz we already had breakfast before that. My Hubby bought it back home another day. I finished 2 packs just in 10 minutes! Hahahahaa...it's so tasty. The rice is well-cooked, the sambal is just spicy enough ( I don't like sweet sambals for NL). And everything was good, especially it's wrapped in banana leaf! From then onwards, I've become her loyal customer! We sometimes chat while the transaction goin on...hehehe! Nothing can stop me from chatting!

Anyways, if U happen to pass by Eonbank Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang in the mornings...do try out her Nasi Lemak Bungkus at RM1 per pack. U might like it.

Ashika enjoying her pack!

Supposed to do this entry on Monday and send it to Shaz' Muhibbah Malaysian Monday (MMM) event, which is being hosted by Tummy from 3hungrytummies for the month of October. Tummy is also the co-founder of MMM.

Unfortunately I can't do so due to work load. I'll be terribly busy on Mondays coz I wake up late! hahahaha...I'll try my best to schedule my post next time.

Luckily, Shaz consented me to send the entry on any day. That's really sweet of U my friend. I'm really eager to join this event coz we can share anything about our food and Malaysia!

So, sending this to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday as my first entry. I shall be sharing my other dishes on the coming Mondays...hopefully!



  1. sedapnya tengok nasi lemak daun pisang tu.....

  2. Coconut rice sounds so delicious!!

  3. Rice wrapped in banana leaf with hot sambal looks delicious...yummy.

    Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

  4. A new dish to me, Coconut flavor should definitely add a punch to the dish.

  5. Ello...dear..!!Talking about Nasi Lemak...ha...memang favourite akak..especially yg berbungkus dgn daun pisang tu..Lagi satu selain sedap dgn iringan aroma daun tu..nasi pun tahan lama smpai ke ptg..x mudah basi...Good entry 4 MMM. Cayak Lah.

  6. i love this type of nasi lemak...pack in a small portion and yess i can finish 2 packs skali makan je hihi
    btw, had nasi lemak jugak ths morning tp bukan nasi lemak daun pisang le :(

  7. Wow that looks so yummy and its reminding singapore now.. I really miss so many dishes after coming to US. I can see a princess is eating the delicious dish.

  8. i love this type simple and small packet of banana leaf nasi lemak, I can sapu at least 2-3 packets at one go..I couldn't find this kind of stall in my area..Bukit Tinggi a bit far for me, courier few packets for me please, hehehe..

  9. nasi lemak daun mmg lebih sedap dpd nasi lemak yg tak bungkus daun pisang, kan?

    kak love rindu nadiah tak? ehehe. sori sgt2 lama tak dtg sini..laptop buat hal la..huhu..

    btw, happy anniversary sis! :)

  10. Nasi lemak bungkus always come to mind for us locals, ya! Couldn't stop at one packet! I do not like sweet sambal too! Urgh! I will cross-out the stalls that have sweet sambal from my list! Just had my nasi lemak for breakfast today! ^..^

  11. hepi belated enibeseri love.. sori lamat... nak tumpang makan nasik lemak buleyy? hihihi

  12. Coconut is my husband's favorite flavor. This is a keeper.

  13. Hai my love darling..sori lewat untuk wish you happy anniversary..semoga berbahagia selalu:)

    eh cm pun makan nasi lemak bungkus pagi tadi hehe

  14. Nasi lemak, had this delicious rice dish long back, very tempting dish, cute Ashika..

  15. Ooo, your little girl looks so cute with her banana-leaf wrapped rice!
    The dish sounds very delicious, and the presentation is beautiful.

  16. Mas ~~> Mmg sedap Mas...hehe! :D

    Lynn ~~> It a popular Malaysian & Singapore dish Lynn. ;)

    Pushpa ~~> Yeah, thank U Pushpa! :D

    belesaaru ~~> Hi Deepti, thank U for ur kind visit! :D

    Kak Norli ~~> Owh thanks for sharing kak! Actually I don't keep than more than an hour...hehehe! :D

  17. Zarin ~~> Yeahhhh mmg bes kan nasi lemak bungkus dlm daun pisang! Haishh I'll forget the whole world...hehee! :D

    Pavithra ~~> Owh Pavithra...guess U should try doing ur own at home. Hehehe...;)

    Nitha ~~> Thanks Nitha ;)

    Sonia ~~> Hahaha, if I courier to U, habis basi lor! Where do U stay actually? ;)

    Nadiah ~~> True3x...hehehe! Yeah, I missed Safiyyah too! Thanks ya ;)

  18. Kitchen Flavours ~~> Hey, gimme 5! I just hate sweet sambals for NL. I'll reject the shop straightaway...ahahaha! ;)

    Jiya ~~> Hehe, thank U Jiya. Boleh..kena beli lagi NL! :D

    Katerina ~~> There are few Nasi Lemak recipes in my blog. U may browse through ..;)

    Kak CM ~~> Hehe, thank U kak! Owh WOW...sukeeee NLB :D

    Sushma ~~> It's always our favourite Sush...;)

  19. Mr Pineapple Man ~~> Hello, Thank U for dropping by and leaving ur sweet thoughts :)

    Priya ~~> Hehe, thanks Priya! :D

    IndieTea ~~> Hehe, thanks ya. She enjoys having the Nasi Lemak all by herself. ;)

  20. Thanks for the post Love! I'm going to tell my mum to look out for this nasi lemak lady next time she's in Klang :) Thanks for the reccomendation! Wow Ashika can eat sambal? Well done.


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