♥...Friday Food Review ~ Bread Pudding & Custard Sauce...♥

Blessed Friday to All..

I'd always love to experiment recipes from fellow bloggers, cookbooks and food websites. I did try and posted many here before. Right now, I'm in the midst of clearing my looooooooooooong bookmark list. Deleted a few, plenty to try on...

Came the idea of making a weekly post specially for tried and tested recipes. Thus, Friday Food Review begins from today! I shall be highlighting each and every recipe which doesn't belong to me but has been tried in my very own kitchen with U every Friday...so stay tuned!

As an opening dish and a kick-start for the event...I shall start with a dessert, Bread Pudding & Custard Sauce. After drooled over at Kak Hana's blog, I went to my kitchen straightaway to check on the ingredients. Having all items in stock, I started preparing the yummylicious pudding! Seriously, I was never a fan of bread pudding (Kak Hana knew this very well...kan kak??? hahaha! teringat zaman kanak2 kat MyR!)

This recipe has been adapted from Myresipi, originally posted by maya_zakry and F&N.

The preparation doesn't consume much time. U can prepare them with an eye closed too...okey, maybe not! hihi...

The pudding topped with custard sauce gives a great oomphh!!! U can have it chilled or warm, anyway U liked it. We had it warm. Gosh, I still drool thinking of it. The crusty edges of the baked bread, super yummy! Alright, shall we look into the recipe?


Ingredients :~
* 8 bread slices
* 500 ml fresh milk

* 4 tbsp fine sugar
* 2 tbsp butter, melted
* 2 whole eggs
* 1 tsp vanilla essence
* 1 tbsp cornstarch
* 1 tsp ground cinnamon powder
* 2 tbsp raisins
(C) For custard sauce
* 1 can evaporated milk
* 2 tbsp custard powder ~ I put 1 tbsp only
* 2 tbsp sugar

Method :~
  1. Tear up the breads and arrange in a greased baking tray. Pour milk and let it soak for 30 minutes.
  2. Mix together ingredients (B) and pour over the soaked bread. Sprinkle raisins on top.
  3. Bake at 180 C for 30 minutes or until cooked. Let it cool at room temperature before chilling.
  4. To prepare the custard sauce - Combine all ingredients (C) in a saucepan and stir until slightly thickened over low heat.
  5. Pour over bread pudding before serving.
*** U may skip the custard sauce and serve the pudding with ice cream...YUMMY!

Happy Weekend Friends...:eheh:


  1. Umm divine looking pudding! So great it looks!

  2. Delicious pudding.. Wish I could have some..

  3. hahahaha..of coz i still remember forever n ever! kekekeke.... sonok kan zaman2 tuh! rasa nak lepuk jerk dak si love2cook tuh.. wakakakakaa... kalau dah kat tangan love semua jd cantik! double xtra drooling dah nehh....nak buat lagi ah! hihihihi....

  4. Hi sis Love,
    samala macam saya.. list panjang...kikiki. Ya, your bread pudding memang buat saya meleleh.. yumyum! Belum try lagi resipi ni. Masuk list dulu..tunggu beli roti dan susu. hihihi..

  5. Yummyyyyyyyyy yesterday look for the the nowwwww i got it thanks dear

  6. wahh love, cantiknya puding tu, terpesona mas tengok...masih terasa lagi kesedapan puding tu...mas suka sos kastad tu, gabungan yang serasii...

  7. wow. i am drooling here...super clicks.

  8. my feveret...dah drooling nih...
    btw, nanti try toast dulu bread tu....i tengok chef at home buat kat tv n tried it..lagi best rasa dia tau!

  9. Good, very good this pudding dear. It's also a good idea for using dry bread. I like it ^__^ Bye, have a good week end

  10. Yummmmy...Terliur tengok puding u ni la love...Heeee

  11. Hi Love, what a lovely dessert you have there? Your picts look tempting and yummy...3 slices for me, sure licin...muaaahhh! Have a great weekend Love!

  12. Hmm,,nice pudding dear.Congrats unga blog niraya food sites la feature aagirukku very good. Enna unga hubby naalaikku vara poerara nalla enjoy pannunga..

  13. I am drooling myself as I am looking at those pictures. I am bookmarking this as well.

  14. Wow, yes, this would certainly be delicious with ice cream! Yum!

  15. Woww stunning bread pudding,looks absolutely divine..

  16. wahhh love, k.nor mmg antu sgt dgn puding roti tp k.nor suka yg suam2 panas. tak suka yg dlm peti ais.. makan lak dgn sos coklat.. yummy!!!

  17. This is so tempting, you have made them so perfectly...have a lovely weekend ms love..

  18. Can't wait to dig in. I love bread pudding.

  19. bread pudding looks very delicious with that yummy custurd sauce ..yummy


  20. Hah, sweet food, hmmmm, good dessert!

  21. Ce pudding de pain perdu doit être délicieux.
    J'en ai fait aussi.
    je note ra version.
    See soon.

  22. Miss ur cook dear....happy time with hubby..the puding looks devine...

  23. Lovely presentation! Just love it.

  24. tak tahan melihat kesedapannya..hehehe..nmpknya, bhn2 asas dah ada, tinggal beli roti & susu je...esok nk wat la..biasa kukus je, tak pernah bakar...yumyum..

  25. Wow Love now can bake with eyes close...hehe. Where is my portion...huhu

  26. ce pudding a l'air excellent je note ta version
    bon dimanche

  27. DEAR ALL --> Thank U very much on ur sweet comments! This bread pudding is sure a great recipe! Try it, U'll love it too :)

  28. i pun buat last week guna resepi ni..setelah hampir setahun tak buat ni..huhu..siap bagi kawan2 ofis lagi tuk berbuka..hehehe..


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