♥...Hubby, Foodie Blogroll, Foodista & An Award...♥

Hehehe, U must be wondering what the title is all about!

Okey, lemme first announce that my darling Hubby will be leaving his vessel from Macae today. By the time he leaves, it'll be almost dark in Malaysia. Haishhhh...

After a long flight, he'll reach KLIA Malaysia on Saturday noon. We've planned to receive him at the airport this time. I did that long time ago with Rishie. Now, it's time to take along both Rishie and Ashika and see their Papa's arrival. Phew, wish me luck with her! Haha...

Now, moving on with Foodie Blogroll. I was so excited this morning when I saw an e-mail from FB saying my blog is listed in their Featured Blogs of the week! WOW, great news na! Actually I hardly open my mails, otherwise I would have known this much earlier. It's okey, luckily I could grab a screen capture and saved it to my folder.

Foodista...Well I've been posting selective recipes from my blog to Foodista whenever I'm online. It's really interesting to see lots of recipes there. My rank from a Dishwasher all the while, topped up to Chef De Cuisine! The actual truth is I never posted anything there before. Hehehe...

Whilst checking the leaderboard, I was surprised to see my nick first in the Most Recipes Added This Week and third ranking in Top Editors of the Week. Yuhuuuuu...

Actually, I started joining Foodie Blogroll, Foodista and few other sites just for the fun of it. Glad I did it, seriously now. I've came to know more bloggers and friends around the world. For those who wanna increase their blog traffic, suggest U try this!

Okey, those are the good news I wanted to share with U...also for a record in my blog.

Last but not the least, an Award from my dear blogger friend Nadji from Paris. She passed me a beautiful heart. Nadji has a droolworthy food blog, U'll never wanna miss it. Do visit her...

See ya'll tomorrow!!! :wave:



  1. Wow... what a good news in this early morning to share... congrats Love!... ur recipe goes beyond world. last but not least... welcomeback to ur hubby.

  2. Great News Dear:-) Congrats..Keep rocking..

  3. That is a NEWS BREAKER!!!! Great!!! Congratulation LOVE...and keep up the Good Work!

  4. wah congrat love..

    happy anniversary ..semuga berbahgia bersama suami dan anak-anak k amu.

    nak tanya..

    apa nama kain sari yang bila di pakai di malaysia tak berpeluk di ketiak..my nak beli dia nak kain sari yang tak nampak peluh macam tu.
    berpa harga kat malaysia ni yer?

    akak nak suruh anak akak survey harga kat sana.

  5. Good to hear.. Congrats dear..

  6. bravo bravoooo! congrats dear! pasni kasi pusing satu doniaaa.... ehemmm ehemmmm... hubby nak balik er?? kekekeke

  7. Waaa...LOVE 2 wonderful good new na?...Hubby is coming home and the blog is rocking....

    So proud of ya.....keep it up!!!

  8. lupa lak nak share....my hubby is coming home too..this Nov 12.....hip hip horey....:)...he has been working in doha qatar for 3 years, and I have been back n forth since then....

  9. Congrats dear,nnti lepas n lagiiiii banyak2 ler create rcp for sharing ye dear...

  10. Congrats ms love, and have a great time with your family...

  11. wish u all the very best. have a wonderful time with ur family. Congrads dear on all ur achievements.

  12. Great News! A Big Congrats to you!

  13. Congrats and keep rocking!! Have a wonderful time with your family

  14. Congrats and great to know ur blog have been selected..Seems many good things are going around ur end, enjoy and have wonderful time with ur family..

  15. That's a lot of wonderful news...Congrats!

  16. Wah, congrats! You did a great job with your blog!

  17. waa what a good news .. congrats dikk .. teruskan dikkk :))

  18. Thats a wonderful news...have a great time with family!!
    and ofcourse congrats on FBr and foodista..

  19. that is great, wonderful that your hubby is on his way home, but also about the blogroll, well done!

  20. Congrats dear...hope you having a wonderful time with your DH n cute kids...:)

    Tasty Appetite

  21. Bravo pour tous ces classements.
    C'est génial de voir son travail reconnu.
    De plus, tu as toujours des recettes très gourmandes.
    Bonne journée.

  22. DEAR Friends ~~> Thank U very much for all ur encouraging words! Acts as boost for me! Thank U again...;)


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