♥...Friday Food Review ~ Apam Pisang Coklat (Steamed Banana Choc Appam/Muffin)...♥

Blessed Friday To U...

It's time for Friday Food Review with love2cook again...

Alright for this week's review, I'll take U a ride to Osaka, Japan! It's none other than to JintanManis.com by our dear friend Ros...

A mom of three, Ros always has impressed us with her baking skills. She bakes her own breads and buns. Her cakes and Malaysian dishes will make U salivate for sure! She also randomly shares some Japanese cuisines too! Great na...

So today, I'm gonna post on her recent Apam Pisang Coklat (Steamed Banana Choc Appam/Muffin). A savoury steamed type muffin I would say. The combination of mashed banana and cocoa will make U go ga-ga and ask for more and more...seriously! I've made them twice already...hehe!

Well, the original recipe has got egg in it...but I substituted with plain yogurt during my first attempt. It was so moisty...really yummy!

Then, I followed the recipe by adding egg in my second attempt. Still good! Ooooh la la!

Check-out the recipe..


Ingredients :~
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 egg ~ ( I substituted with 3 oz plain yogurt)
  • 50ml cooking oil ( I used vegetable oil)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 tbsps cocoa powder ( I used Hershey's)
Method :~

1. Mash the bananas with a pinch of salt, keep aside.
2. In another bowl, sift flour with baking powder.
3. Meanwhile, whisk egg with sugar. Add mashed banana, flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda and cooking oil. Keep stirring while adding these ingredients.
4. Heat up the steamer. Line muffin trays/moulds with paper cups. Fill 3/4 of batter into each paper cups and steam about 12-15 minutes. ( To make your appams/muffin to smile or open up at the surface, keep the flame high while steaming)

Simple isn't it??? Do try it...U'll simply love it...the kids too!

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  1. Hi sis!!!!! apam pisang td tak cukup dtg nak ambik lagi!!! hihihi...sedap tuuuuu mekar semekarnyer! sedappppp! tenkiuuuuuu!

  2. Love..........want some....Ika jangan habiskan!!!

  3. love, cantiknya apam pisang live senyumm, sedap kan love apam pisang ni..mas suka..

  4. hi love!!! cantiknya merekah apam pisang neh..tirgudaaaa la love!!!sambil mkn sambil dengar lagu khabi kushi....ohh ohh...syok nyaaaa

  5. hi love good morning, uishh malu pulak ros ni, to much compliment for me....: ) thanks ya love try my apam pisang coklat....ros n anak2 pun suke...jeles tgk love punye apam pisang coklat mekarnyaaa....ros buat satu je yang tersenyum heheehehe..btw cantik semua gambar ni...terliur lahhh

  6. Hi Love...k.atie dtg nk tapau apam pisang tuh!sukeeee..

  7. I am famished just looking at it. Looks fantabulous!

  8. Apam Pisang looks so inviting and delicious. Great Preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. wah... ika & kak watie dah mintak dulu apam pisang. Simpankan akak sama ye!!!!

  10. morning love, aishhhh mekar sih!!! cantiknyer..

  11. memang mekar menggoda itu apam ;-)

  12. Hi Love....wa...again...amazingly simple but tempting recipe from my dear ni......:).I miss u too..I miss merapu gak...keh4....

    ..ooo hubby fly tru doha ya...he3...I kalu ke doha, naik flied sangkut2..stop kat bahrain..huk3..murah sket tambang..

    Ayu busy ngat LOVE, tak cukup kaki tgn tau...kalu u dekat dah lama dah I pinjam bekpes, lunch and dinner...heeee....

  13. hi love..ptt la scrol atas smpai ke bwh cr cbox tadak,removed rupanya.Sedap tu apam pisang..bak mai seketui dua..

  14. yalah.., puas akak cari juga nk cit chat x de. apa pun nasib baik ada apam pisang yg gebu.. mekar lagi..!

  15. Hi, sgt yummykan kuih ni:)
    puashati buta n mkn..

  16. Love..salah taip bukan buta tapi buat..:) maaf byk2 love..

  17. like the steamed i think it is nuitritous also saw the wonderful recie with beautiful songof KBKG

  18. hi love,
    wah dari jauh akak nampak macam food journalist tengah menengahkan food from asia..hehe cantik lah ur banana steam muffins, very the blooming..
    for sure its very nice too kan..b

  19. Nice idea of steaming it.....looks yummy

  20. hai love......misssss uuuu la....sori la akak x sempat singgah umah love no...tp ari ni singgah dan nk mintak apam tu ckit wat bekal nnti.....leh la no...

  21. I am going to try this. steaming is a nice idea

  22. hai love......misssss uuuu la....sori la akak x sempat singgah umah love no...tp ari ni singgah dan nk mintak apam tu ckit wat bekal nnti.....leh la no...

  23. Steamed baked muffins looks absolutely gorgeous, am gonna try very soon..

  24. Miss you muchlah love.... Here i bought you some cucur.... ohh... no..no.. no... need to trade with the banana choc muufin....hehheh

  25. Looks like apam and looks like a chocolate muffin, and it looks moist and good!

  26. hi love!
    what happen to ur shoutbox? mcmana tau ada spam ye? nak kena blaja ni..
    anyway ur apam looks delicious and bhn2nya simple..it looks nice and moist! nak sikittt..hihi

  27. Pisang goes along well with chocolate....add a little ice cream....lagi sedap...he he he!

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  29. Des muffins délicieux.
    Bravo, je les trouve très réussis.
    A bientôt et bon week-end.

  30. hi <3..wow!looks soft n delicious ...thanks for sharing this :))

  31. ils sont magnifiques ces muffins et bien gourmands, un pur régal pour les papilles
    bonne journée

  32. Hi Love... apa khabar? Sorrylah had not been visiting rumah kawan-kawan for quite a while. Been busy with I don't know what. Tapi tadi, Kak Ummi and Kak Jun came by my place and among the topics that we Cik Kiahs talk about is your lovely home. Kalaulah dapat rumah macam Love...mesti best! Hehehe...

    Uiks... dah lari tajuk pulak... cantiknya apam pisang Love ni tersengih ye...

  33. Hi sis Love,
    Wah!! Mekar semekarnya apam dia ya. Sungguh puas hati tu. bravo! :D

  34. wow, that looks yummy, beautiful and tempting.........

  35. yummy looking muffins... love the idea of steaming!

  36. love!!!!!... miss u dear... tgn love ni kan, buat apa jadi je semuaaaaaaa.... cantikkkk!!!!!!... kagum laaaaaaaa.... hehehe... love!!!!!... akak nk advance wish... hepi dewali yaaaa...

  37. nice closeup...
    teruja tengok MUFFIN tu
    emm sedapnya....sis


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