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:hi: Good Saturday to ALL!!!

Not able to type much now as we'll be attending a relative's Housewarming prayers at Bandar Puteri Klang today. So, need to make up myself before starting with Ashika...hehe...

Rishie can get ready by himself. Ashika needs me still to dress her and do her hair. Phew, combing her hair is the most difficult part...know why? Coz she'll untie her hair before we step out from the house! Hahahaha...sometimes she makes me laugh!

Okey, would like to share a simple dish which my Hubby really likes the way I cook it.

SPICY FRIED MAGGI by love2cook

Ingredients :~
  • 2 packs Maggi curry noodles ~ soak in hot boiled water for 1 minute, strain and keep aside
  • 4 shallots ~ chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves ~ chopped
  • 2 tbsp dried chilli paste
  • 2 egg
  • 2 firm tofus ~ cut each into cubes
  • 1/2 - 1 tomato ~ diced
  • 4 pcs bird's eye chilli (if U want extra spicy)
  • vegetables (may use mustard leaves or shredded cabbage) I didn't add this time
  • 4-5 tbsps soy sauce
  • 1/2 packet curry powder (included in Maggi pack)
  • spring onions (chopped)
  • salt (for frying tofu)
  • cooking oil
  • sliced cucumber ~ for serving
  1. Heat oil in wok, fry cubed tofus by sprinkling some salt over. Keep aside once fried.
  2. Reduce oil. Fry chopped garlic, shallot and bird's eye chilli until fragrant.
  3. Add chilli paste and keep stirring. Make a well, break in the eggs and add soy sauce. Scramble everything up.
  4. Put in the diced tomato and fried tofu, mix them well. Add any vegetable if U like.
  5. Now add in the maggi noodles and curry powder. Give a quick stir, mix every ingredient evenly. Garnish with chopped spring onions and sliced cucumber before serving. Done!
I've posted this recipe before HERE in Malay version. That was a year ago!

Sorry if the images are not clear enough, I snapped using my Sony Satio...hihi...

Okey friends, gotto go! I will return to reply all your previous comments! Not forgetting my new visitors...will visit U too! senyumkenyit


  1. love, sedapnya maggi goreng...tukar nga nasi goreng kampung nak tak...

  2. simple but delicious..betul tak..sesekali makan maggi goreng memang sedapppp...ada lagi?

  3. Hi Love,
    How was your prayer session at your relative's place?
    You know when I saw your post's first pic today I noticed a marked change in pic clarity. So these were shot by Sony satio...
    It's breakfast time here and I want to grab that plate ;-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. yum yum ..love darling cm nak tapau megi pedas ni ya..hehe selamat berhujung minggu...

  5. wow, from a simple instant noodle to something amazing..yum! :)

  6. i oened in morning and saw maggie plate realy like to gab it and eat it just now. so colourful and with naughty face like it .Delicious

  7. Wow...you turned a packet of simple noodles to something like a restaurant dish!! I would love to try this. I'm so hungry now. Thanks very much for sharing.

  8. Am ready to finish that whole plate immediately..

  9. woooh....itew manyak sedap la LOVE. Mesti hubby cayang kan....masak mee pun hubby leh cayang....he3....

    I finished last eggless choc cake, one and half la....tak cukup la...I suke recipe ni la LOVE.....

  10. une assiette colorée et riche en saveurs, j'adore
    bonne journée

  11. love dearie nyum nyum nyum wanna share wif me? hehehehe

  12. So you are using Satio...I was considering to get one. How's it's like? The only reason that kept me from buying is I heard that the batteries are not umph enough, for normal usage it can only last for maybe 2 days or so. Is it true?

    Btw, the photos still look good la and your maggi goreng too...maybe not as sharp as the ones taken using a camera, but good enough to make me "smell" the fragrance...
    (A lot of photos in my blog are taken using my old Sony K750i, blurrer pics la)(Btw, don't bother to answer my questions over my blog la--though I definately welcome your visits, troublesome for you...I always come back for your answers :) )

  13. Sometime U know i too make almost the same with all available veggies in the fridge .. it tastes so sos so delicious and nice to have bowl full and watch Some movie.

  14. Love,

    That definitely looks yummyyy, ala mee goreng mamak but sendiri punya version.
    psst psst, i love yr lagu sini...rasa macam dok menari keliling pokok kelapa pulak :D

  15. Hi Love....nice pic...hehehe..I am impressed with the Satio as well....I love my Satio too!

  16. Delicious! Lebih pedas, lebih bagus! Remember this line? Everyone's favourite, especially the kids, without the extra pedas of course!

  17. yo love....yummy yummy apa lagi nak cakap....slurrppppppp

  18. Hi dear,
    I love maggi goreng too. Of course pedas will make it more tastier :D

    Hmm, Ashika tak suka ikat rambut ke? meh auntie toloong ikat kan dan letak reben oka..hehe...

    Love, you found my other blog too right? hehe.. it's basically for my other friends who don't understand malay. but i didn't manage to update it so frequently (ever more rarely than blogresipi hahaha)... :)

  19. Looks delicious.Nice photos.Do visit my blog when you get time.


  20. Mas ~~> Yessss...boleh2 anytime for NGK!! :D

    Kak Anymz ~~> Yes kak, sesekali boleh...;)

    Deepa ~~> Hehe, U noticed the changes right..was too lazy to take out the dslr. Owh, sure U can! :D

    Nitha ~~> Thanks ya! ;)

    Kak CM ~~> Sure kak, hope U had a great weekend too! :D

  21. Olive ~~> Yup, that instant noodles can do wonders...;)

    Santosh ~~> With naughty face??? hehe ;)

    Kak Del ~~> Sure kak! :D

    Mary Moh ~~> No mention ya, try it! U'll simply love it...home cooked! :D

    Sushma ~~> Thanks Sush ;)

    Sangi ~~> Thanks Sangi ;)

  22. Priya ~~> Hehehe..thanks ya Priya! :D

    Ayu ~~> Hehe, masak apapun Hubby cayang gak! Owh, is it...next time Love nak try ngan plain sugar. ;)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Pete ~~> He takes spicy food uh??? ;)

    Krishnaveni ~~> You may discard the bird's eye chilli for less spicy. ;)

  23. Chik Mimi ~~> Can kakkkkk...tukar ngan popia! :D

    Meldylocks ~~> Hehe, yeah currently I'm using Sony Satio. Not really impressed with it! Outdoor pics are better than indoor. But I hated the vdo playback...too low volume. I'm handphone freak, will not stay with one longer! About the batt life...yes U r right! I'm eyeing the Nokia N8 now...haha! :D

    Pavithra ~~> Hey, gimme 5!! Nice na! :D

    MakcikKantin ~~> Hehe, ni maggi goreng biasa je kak. Owh sure, gelek gelek!!! :D

    Kak Watie ~~> Hi Kak, hehe I'm not impressed with the Satio kak. Pics not really upto my expectation for a 12MP camera. Vdo playback volume very low. ;)

    Kitchen Flavours ~~> Hehe yeah I do remember! :D

  24. Anits ~~> Yo Anits...vanthu sapdunggeh la! hehehe :D

    Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan!!! Hehe, yalor Ashika tak suka kena ikat rambut. Her bands will go missing always. Tolong ikatkan...;)

    OIC, I happened to drop at ur other blog through ur profile. hehe..nice! :D

    Madhura Manoj ~~> Hi Madhura, welcome ahead!!! Sure, will visit U! :D

  25. nice clicks..looks so delicious..simply yummy!!

  26. maggi is my all time favorite too ..love ur version of noodles ...yummy


  27. These noodles look extremely yummy. First time at your beautiful blog.

  28. Sarah ~~> Thanks ya Sarah...;)

    Satya ~~> Try it...U'll simply love it! :D

    Katerina ~~> Hi, welcome to my page Kate! Thanks for being here...will visit U soon! :D

  29. I have whipped up something similar before! Simple, and delicious, right?

  30. Gr8 one.....really helpful for a working woman like me!!!!


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