♥...Triple Joy Brownies & Met a Reader...♥

Hi friends, how you all been? Alright, I'm back to blogging again. Hubby already in Cape Town, joined the vessel. We had real blast during his last break, missing him terribly!

Baked some brownies for my kids today. Basic brownie, topped with Cream Cheese and Dulce De Leche. That is why I named it as Triple Joy Brownie. Hahaha...

Brownie recipe adapted from Philadelphia. I've adjusted accordingly to suit our taste buds and added Dulce de Leche as well.


  • 125gm butter
  • 125gm dark chocolate, chopped
  • 200gm fine granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs ~ lightly beaten
  • 50gm plain flour
  • 40gm dutch processed cocoa
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 180gm cream cheese
  • 40gm caster sugar
  • sufficient Dulce de Leche
Method :~
  1. Combine butter, dark chocolate and sugar in a medium saucepan and stir over medium heat until chocolate and butter melt. Remove from heat and allow to coole. Whisk in the eggs.
  2. Add flour, cocoa powder and baking powder, stir until well combined. Pour into a greased and lined rectangular tin.
  3. Beat cream cheese and caster sugar until smooth and creamy. 
  4. Spoon cream cheese mixture and dulce de leche randomly on brownie and swirl with the tip of a knife. Bake at 170ºC for 35 minutes or until cooked through. Allow to cool before slicing. Enjoyyyyy!!!

 Truly yummylicious brownies...try it!

Before I make a move, let me share a sweet story meeting one of my blog reader, Cik Maryam in Kuala Lipis, Pahang recently. As you all know, I've not posted any pics of myself in my blog. I just wanted to keep low profile at my best...hihi!

We visited my uncle and his family last weekend. Unfortunately Ashika fell sick and feverish when we reached my uncle's place. Might be due to long travel, yeah the road was super jammed all the way from Ampang to Bentong.

We took her to a nearby clinic. After seeing the doctor, my Hubby took Ashika to the car while I was waiting to pay the bill.

A young lady seated on the chair was looking real curiously at Ashika as she was taken to the car. The lady straight forwardly asked me if I'm from Kuala Lumpur and I said yes. She then asked if the little girl is Ashika? I said yes too. She happily asked me if I'm Kak Love (sis love)? And I said yes too! Hahaha...

I immediately recognized her when she introduced herself as Maryam. Yeah, she signed my Guestbook long time ago. Well, I do remember all my friends and readers...atleast most of them! Haha..

I saw the joy in Maryam's face when she knew it's me. She infact said it's a small world! Yup, it is very true Maryam! It is indeed a small world. Too bad Rishie didn't come along to the clinic, we left him at my uncle's home.

Maryam, I apologize for have not talked to you much longer as the situation wasn't really good at that time. Ashika was unwell and I had to leave. Anyhow, glad meeting you Maryam! Thanks for reading my blog all these while. You caught me! ^____^

This is the Maryam I'm talking about. The lady in violet. ;)

Phew, typed too long today...adioz for now!


  1. Wowww... sungguh menggoda..with the close up pic make me drooling..grrr
    nice pic laa love..

    seronok dpt jumpa reader yer..lain kali jumpa love mmg sbb kenal ur kids gak..hihi

    ashika looks pretty in that pic..!masih boleh cubit ke?hehe

  2. ahhhhhhh soooooooooooo delicious..temptingnyeeeeeee LOVE

  3. indeed more the merrier! loveddddddd it

  4. Wow....superb brownies....
    Hey you wud have been in cloud nine thinking about meeting a person who reads your blog...and that too identifying you without a pic....Its a great moment...


  5. Brownie looks so gud ....just yummish ....can see how much you enjoyed meeting the reader ...gr8 going

  6. hi love..
    wow!! i'm drooling now when i look at the brownies..
    i think i will recognize your children better than u..haha..
    hope to meet u too..hihi

  7. So tempting sis..I wouldn't mind to have a piece right now.yum..yum:)
    It was really interesting story about the reader.;)
    Love to see you back..

  8. <3...those looks sinfully delicious! I would <3 a piece now..:)))

  9. OMG. They look so gooey and rich... would love to have the entire lot

  10. It must have been a wonderful experience to meet Maryam. Your blog has so many pics of your children and anyone who reads your post regularly can easily make out you are the blog owner :-) Though I would love to see your photo someday ;-)
    Was missing your sweet comments, good to see you back

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Hi Love. Super tempting lah....droooooooling!

  12. OMG...fabulous dear..parcel one plate to me....superb clicks too....

  13. This truly sinful brownies ... looks so delicious!

  14. Brownie....looks so yumm and tasty very tempting !!! first time here love your space...Happy to follow you!!!

  15. Spectacularly delicious brownies.

  16. looks absolutely mouth watering...beauuuuuutiful clicks dear...
    Tasty appetite

  17. Very addictive and tempting brownies..

  18. Yumm, truly inviting and tempting..

  19. Definitely a joyful brownie. Delicious treat!!

  20. Love

    hiii...how hv u been dear...

    that a fantastic looking TJB..love it!!!

  21. wowww..sedapnya brownies..mas suka...

  22. wow!! pingsan tgk bronis mu yg mengancam jiwa akak loveeeee... dah xde toys nak baking2 so tgk ajer la sambil telan air liur...huhuhu...

    eh! rasanya maryam kuala lipis tuh mcm yg biasa komen kat sbox akak.. agaknyer la klu tk silap org...heee

  23. woowwwww.... super duper yummilicious brownies..!!!

  24. Love....how is life...mm been missing you entry...n now tadaaaa...came out with amazing triple joy with chocolate & dulce de leche.....argh....sgtlah buat Ayu lapor.....

  25. I have copied this recipe as kids are out playing Holi and I plan to make this as a surprise for them.

    Lovely pics.

    Nice reading abt your friend Maryam and you meeting up.

  26. It’s a small world indeed, internet life has made it even more smaller, by bringing wonderful strangers closer. It’s truly a happy feeling and the joy is definitely reflected in your brownies.

  27. love...u gave me a great idea with this post...going to bake this TJB today...hahaha..yum2.. looks so scrumptious

  28. I made these brownies with slight modifications to suit our tastes. I don't think there will any brownies left if I stay in the kitchen any more. Lovely, Tempting and absolutely tasty. Thanks!

  29. wow....
    they look awesome and tempting...
    amazing shots :)

  30. love...

    brownies u ni menggegar jiwa i...
    jeles la kita tgk..

    nak try jugak la bile ada masa..

    halalkan resepi ye...

  31. Stunning brownies. It is nice to meet your readers, I would love to meet each and every one of them.

  32. Hi Love,
    Very tempting brownie you got there. It has been very long time since i made them too :)

    Wow, jumpa peminat ye.. best lah. Nanti kalau i nampak Rishie or Ashika kat mana2 mesti i tau which one is you. hehehe... really want to see u too :)


  33. Hai love

    Yummynya tengok brownies yg moist tu...
    bestnya dpt jumpa reader...nasib baik dia cam Ashika yg comeii..hope Ashika dah semboh...

  34. Love,

    You never fail to take good shots while i'm always fail in doing that!Haha..haiya..your brownies makes me drool even i had a few slices of american chocolate cake juz now..haish!

  35. Oh silly me...i forgot to send you my new domain name...i changed it not so long ago..sorry ya Love..jangan marah ok?


  36. These look gorgeous, I am drooling!

  37. Hi Love...

    The look of your brownies is 'killing' me! Huhuhu..

    Wah, Love jumpa peminat ye... Maryam patut mintak autograph Love tu.. hahaha...

  38. Delicious looking brownies! So tempting!
    Such an amazing small world! Maryam is really sharp at recognizing Ashika!

  39. Very tempting pictures...drool worthy,

  40. I have never ever seen brownies this beautifully presented. looks awesome!!

  41. I am salivating now. Your brownies look incredibly delicious and I bet they weren't around long!

  42. Love...!!!! hebat brownies tu...belum mkn dh tau kehebatannya.Nnti..akak dh start bercuti baking..leh lah try kawan2 punya resepi.Akak dth nk pinjam De Leche tu..ada lagi tak????
    he..he...will for ever LOVE U.

  43. Haha Gotcha! finally i caught u Kak Luv! very easy for me to recognise ur little cute daughter Ashika

    Nice knowing u Kak Luv! u are very friendly and nice people ^^ hope to see u again

    to Kak Hana : Ya saya lah org yg selalu jugak ke rumah akk tuh hihi...as i said before what a small world wink wink ^^
    masa jumpa kak Luv excited sgt mcm jumpa artis yg glamour itu hehe

  44. hi love,
    the same incident happened to me ..heheh I was looking for baking stuff in a baking shop...the reader of my blog recognised my 2nd son who was waiting for me outside the shop,...and asked him whether his mum owns a blog..he answered her yes ..the reader asked him where is his mother and he brought her to me!!!!..aduhai..some more she asked me, are you curlybabe..with my blurred face yes(but in my heart asking myself who is she)..haha....anyway, your brownies made me drrrrooooollll like crazy..can i have some?...

  45. Maryam ~~~> Hehe...thanks for writing ya. Yeah you got me! Thank you so much for the kind words abt me. I'm naturally a friendly person..boleh cepat gaul ngan orang. Wahaha...mcm jumpa artis glamour ker? Sorry la takde raut artis pun...wekekekeke...

    We shall meet again if it's fated...you take care ya! ;)

  46. Brownie looks amazing! nice clicks! So good to meet the readers right :)

  47. Hai Love,
    Waaaahh..nyummy..nyummy..bestnyaaaa brownie...kasi sepotong

  48. Hi sis,I made your delicious brownie to surprise my niece and nephew at their birthday party.They're really enjoyed indeed very much.With you permission,kindly allow me to post ur recipe at my space.Thank you so much in advantage.;-)


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