♥...Poori / Puri (Indian Fried Flatbread)...♥

Helloooooo...good day friends!

Arrgh, been quite some time since my last post na. Sorry, I was a little busy with life and also my flu. Now okey! Hehe...

Today I shall be sharing Poori (Fried Indian Flatbread) by my Mom. I love poori but never tried making them on my own. Liked the ones my Mom does only. So I requested her to make some for me during her visit last weekend.

My work is just to prepare all the stuffs she needed, photo shoot and enjoy those pooris! Very helping na...

Mom said there are few more ingredients can be used to make pooris. This is the simplest way she does. Told her to come over again to do the other recipes...hehe!

Come on, check out the Poori..super duper crispy version!!!

POORI by love2cook's Mom

Ingredients :~
  • 500gm wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp margerine
  • hot boiled water to make dough
  • oil for frying
Method :~
  1. In a large bowl, mix flour with salt, sugar and margerine until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  2. Make a well and slowly add the boiled water. Use a wooden spoon to mix and form a dough.
  3. Cover with a damp cloth and leave the dough to set for 30 minutes.
  4. Make smaller balls from the dough by hand.
  5. Spread some flour on the rolling board. Roll each ball into circles with 4mm thickness.
  6. Heat oil in wok. Deep fry the flattened dough. Press gently with a slotted spoon to puff up the poori. Fry till golden brown and turn over. Once cooked, drain on paper towels. Continue with the other rolled balls.
Done...enjoy with some Potato curry...yummylicious!!!

Sending this entry to Shaz's Muhibbah Malaysian Monday!


  1. Morning Sis,
    You got flu?Kesiannya...hope u'll get better soon ya?
    The poori looks so yummy..eh do u have a recipe on how to make idli?During my college years i (every deepavali)my friend served it and since then i fell in love with it..haha She always served idli with this thick mutton curry..alamak..drooling la!

  2. wow you made them so thin!! must be uber crispy!

  3. Morning Love..nampak sungguh sedap roti puri tu. look's like it so crispy!

  4. Simply irresistible yummylicious pooris.

  5. Hi Love...
    Waaaaah this one really nice, i like dhal!!...so irresistible and superb!!Kalau akak, 5 pieces leh licin laaah...Jenis muka lapor la ni..hehe

  6. Wah.....
    Kak tie boleh rasa keenakannya!
    Sangat menarik dan menggoda kalbu....

  7. Omg, puri with potato masala both together tempts me a lot..

  8. poori looking very tempting with alloo sabji

  9. Hi love!

    Your poori looks yummy,enjoy eating sis, but don't
    forget to put aside one piece for me....hehehe.

  10. Hi love!
    i sukaaa sangat roti puri ni..teringat masa sekolah dulu..once a week mesti mak ajak mkn kat mamak..nak rasa yg love buat!! :X

  11. love this combo a lot.....
    looks delicious dear :)

  12. everyone's fav. poori bhaji...love it pics are so tempting !

  13. i love poori... with sambal sardin.. hope u're feeling much better..

  14. I have to start making some Indian food too. I see so many beautiful recipes like this one that I just want to enter in the kitchen and start making things.

  15. dear love
    really nice ur poori .. looks yummy dear :)
    hope u feeling much better ...

  16. hi <3..i <3 potato curry..must try this out someday..those poori looks really appetizing..yummy! n as usual <3 yr clicks :)

  17. sedapnya puri....mkn ngan dalca sedapp kan..

  18. I should try this recipe..........the potato gravy looks delicious too.Tq

  19. I am coming over for some. Thanks for reminding me I have not made these for a long time.:)

  20. Looks fabulous! I have always wanted to make poori! Thanks for sharing this. Your mom is super!

  21. He he he, I like puri more than roti chanai....always eat with potato masala! yum yum!

  22. These pooris look so delicious I wish I can have a few now. I also like that potato curry you serve the pooris with...yummy!

  23. Pooris and potato masala looks so delicious..yum yum

  24. Hi Love. Looks yummy... I never eaten poori before.... must be nice eh.

  25. Are wah..My fav and looks absolutely gorgeous....

  26. Sedapnya sis..macam my mum's style.Oh its taste so delicious with potato curry.If u dnt mind can I have some;)

  27. they look absolutely delish..crispy-crunchy n the pic with aloo curry is too tempting!!

    US Masala

  28. hi dear! sori lambat wish epi thaipusam! sebenonyer kan akak takut tgk patung tuh! hihihihi........ anak nak roti tuh love! nampak menarik ar akak nak bookmark lah!

  29. Oh yum, yum, yum, lucky you! My (late) Pati used to make pooris, we called them flying saucers because they were puffy, he he. I have also never tried to make my own yet, you have inspired me :) Thansk again for another great contribution dear :)

  30. hye sis..
    this puree looks great!~
    one of my indian friend pernah wat nih mase weols study dulu....
    dah lame i x makan...selalu buat yang letak yis tu aje....
    i nak mintak sikit yang ni...heheh

  31. Hi sis Love,
    Geram nengok. macam crispy chips jer. Mesti sedap tuh!

  32. hi love
    Lovely macro shot!
    adui tertelan ayaq liuq ni, love

  33. I'll go for the super-duper-crispy version any day!

  34. wow! poori... i lurve this ...omg!!! i gonna try this soon

  35. love,

    i've been looking for the potato curry recipe. is it possible for you to share the recipe with me? i love it so much! especially when served with poori.

    thank you :)


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