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Hi, Hello, Good Morning friends...

How's your New Year getting on? Fixed with your resolutions??? After a long think about this, I've decided not to have any resolutions this year, hehehe! Sometimes we tend to forget our plans by mid of the year. So...none!

Anyways, Rishie has entered his primary schooling life on 2nd Jan and we've been so busy since then. Been driving nonstop to and fro the school for the last one week. Familiarized well with the school and Rishie as usual is super ready. He has found some new friends too. I could not snap much pics...will update some time later. Wishing Rishie all the best in his new school and his primary education.

Okey, moving on with my first dish for 2011...Chicken Manchurian! Guess not much introduction needed for this super yummy dish. Let's peek at the recipe below...


Ingredients :~

700gm boneless & skinless chicken breasts ( sliced free form)
1 egg ~ beaten
2 tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp all purpose flour
salt to taste
1/4 tsp coarse blackpepper
little water

(B) for the sauce
4 garlic cloves ~ finely chopped
1 inch ginger ~ finely chopped
1 large onion ~ sliced
1 cup chicken broth
2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp tomato puree ( may sub with tomato ketchup)
2 tbsp chilli ketchup
1.5 tbsp cornstarch
1.5 tbsp water
chopped spring onions/ corriander leaves ~ for garnishing
cooking oil

Method :~ 

In a bowl, mix ingredients (A) and leave it to marinate for 15 minutes. Deep fry the chicken pieces in oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towel.
Heat up some oil, stir fry garlic, ginger and onion. Add chicken broth, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, tomato puree and chilli sauce. Cook until sauce boils.
Mix cornstarch with water and add into the sauce. Let it thicken.
Put in the fried chicken pieces. Mix evenly. Garnish with some chopped spring onions or corriander leaves. Ready to serve.

Easy peasy recipe...Happy Cooking!!!

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  1. vavavavavavavava.... pg2 dh buat akak lapar love... hadoyaiiiiiii...

  2. hai love,waiting for ur post u knw.heheh and here u comes out with
    chicken recepie yang marvelous sangat.hope to try it soon.

    congrats to dear rishie!!

  3. Hi Love, Sorry, not dropping by for quite long. I've been very busy since new year with my 2 daughters balik U n settle so many things, then continue with my in and out while my youngest boy, Aiman admitted to hospital last week...Thank God, everything is back to normal now. Waaaaa...Rishie dah masuk Primary School eh...I'm sure, he can easily mix around or be a hero in his group..hahaha...My best wishes for his schooling life...muaah to you Love!

  4. Wishing Rishie all the best in Primary One. I think that he will have no problem settling down, he's a smart boy! Your chicken manchurian is really mouth-watering! Love the pic! Got to have two bowls of rice with this!

  5. love...sedappnya ayam tu..senangkan bebudak makan, dah tak de tulang.....

  6. This is very tempting and looks so perfect

  7. owhh... drooling here...!! tqs for sharing the recipe..

  8. hi love!
    alamak lamanya tak singgah..
    how r u? waa rishi dah masuk stndrd 1 ye..mesti happening!
    this chicken manchurian will be my next list..so delicious!

  9. love is it i can get the chicken broth at any supermarket like jusco?

  10. All the best to your son's new beginning. This chicken looks yummy and easy, two qualities I appreciate in a meal.

  11. hello sis...
    ur chicken looks so yummy!~
    nak sket lor...
    pic pun meletop sgt...

  12. :x good to have you back dear....err...I am working to complete remaining goals for last year...ha3....!!!!

  13. Slurp!!!fingerlicking & tempting manchurian.

  14. varey va...supere...samayale supere..;)

  15. hi <3...chicken manchurian mmm..sounds really wonderful!

  16. chicken manchurian looks very delicious...

  17. This dish look so delicious. I already bookmarked it to try out soon. Thanks for sharing it.

  18. congrat to rishie.. dah start sekolah ya.. all the best :)

    wahh menggodanya Chicken Manchurian dia !! bak sket nak rasa hehe

  19. Wow that is tempting and delicious manchurian...love it

  20. Already drooling over your chicken Manchurian . What a color of the final preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi


  22. I want to grab some right now..
    looks sooo yummy..


  23. Absolutely delicious chicken manchurian.

  24. mouthwatering chicken recipe, yumm

  25. Yummilicious...They looks really good...

  26. OMG I am literally drooling!! I think I might try this recipe to bring to my CNY potluck in Feb!!

  27. loveee... miss ur ciken laa... drooling dah nih! tulunnn... muehehehehe... bizi ngan bujang ensem er love? takpo la..memahami skrg nih pong dah stat skola kan... take care dear!

  28. Hmm.... tengok resepi tu macam masak kicap style kak tie, ada black pepper.. hehe.. Mesti sedap ni!
    Oopps! Terkejut kak tie, ada background music lak! Rasa nak dance around, hihihi....

  29. yummy manchurian! irresistible!

  30. This dish looks like from the restaurant. It's making me hungry now :)

  31. the chicken manchurian look awesome dear...tooo yumm!

  32. Hi dear...looks delicious!...make me hungry...hehe

  33. une assiette appétissante et délicieuse j'adore
    à bientôt

  34. sedap nyer....terus perut rasa lapar....hahaha

  35. loveeeeee...;;) datang bawak donut 5 ketoi ni..eh nmpk sedap betul ayam ni...musti try for my kids for today lunch..thank love bagi idea.i likeeeeee

  36. hi love,
    Happy new year to you & family..
    sorry akak lambat sampai kerumah love ni..
    Wah tentu sibuk Rishie dah start sekolah..
    This manchurian chicken looks really appetising, bolehlah cuba bila2 nanti ya..
    Thanks juga love for the wishes for my hubby tu..

  37. Hi Love..
    Sungguh menyelerakan..Lapor pulak rasa perut ni..

  38. drooling over ur chicken manjurian.. my all time favourite :p the click looks soo.. tempting. sorry that i came late to see this..

  39. Rishi's all grown up. Good luck in primary school. Both your kids are so gorgeous Love! And look at that fantastic chicken dish, thank you for another great Muhibbah MOnday post :) (Oh ya, sorry before I forget, do you mind putting the badge on and linking if submitting for MM when you get the chance? thank you! I know what it feels like to be busy mama :) )

  40. Hi Sis Love,
    How are you?Hope u doing well with ur family.
    These Chicken Manchurian make me drooling dear;))

  41. hi love, chicken tu nampak sedap lah, nnt ros try ya, lepas ros masak ros kasi love rasa...ros dah ok dah dari sakit gigi, dun wori, ya, miss u too

  42. yummy chicken manchurian...my favorite!

  43. hi love,
    minta izin I post the chicken manchurian recipe ya.. thanks dear for sharing.

  44. Hi Sis,I tried ur recipe today and posted the recipe on my blog.Im sorry for nicked it.Thanks a lot for yummy recipe.Cheers.

  45. Chicken Manchurian is one of my favorite dishes of all-time. I am saving this recipe for a special day when I have the time to go through it and make it properly.


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