♥...Aquaria KLCC...♥

Hi !!!

Am not gonna blabber much now...pleased to share some pics taken at Aquaria KLCC. Photographed by my dear Hubby, who is now off to Fortaleza!!! Arghh, really missing him. We enjoyed his last break...counting the days for his next break already now! Haha...

Okie dokie...take care all! See ya again soon...


 Thanks for being here!!!

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  1. loveee...dalam gambar boleh tengok ikan lagi clear dari kat aqua la...hehe..

  2. hi love , nice shot ,encem boy n prety girl alsoooo cantik maaa

  3. Hi! LOVE...cantiknya gambar2 yg disnap trutamanya gambar anak2 LOVE tue!

  4. Lovely cliks da...your kids are sooooooooo cute and adorable..:)
    Have fun n enjoy..!
    Tasty appetite

  5. hi, kak Love....
    seronoknye cuti-cuti tu... :X

  6. cute rishie n ashika out there..

  7. Hi love...
    Your kids is so cute....!
    This is really a nice place for kids & adults also... been there bout 2 years ago..

  8. Tak tahan la tengok kepala ular tu... fuhhhh geli you.

  9. hey sis!~ bile u pergi nih? i pun baru jer pergi Aquaria..... hehehe... nice pic!~ sotong PAUL tu mase i datang die duduk menyorok lah, tak mau keluar....dengan u die tunjuk muke pulak..hihihih....

  10. cute kids and awesome pics LOVE :)

  11. your kids are so cute! chomel! errr geli tengok itu snake, lizard ke frog

  12. very nice photographs... where is this big aquarium?? i love this...
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  13. Look like you kiddies are growing up. She is a doll and he is so handsome.

  14. Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Beautiful clicks, real feast for eyes..

  16. I've not been to aquaria! My children did, with my sis! They had fun and talked all about what they had seen. Thanks for letting me "see". No wander they get excited! Your son is very handsome and your daughter is a real cutie-pie! Do they look like you?....

  17. mmg best kan..my son suka sangat walaupun sudah beberapa kali kesana.Suka lihat ikan pari yang besar tu...

  18. hi, nice blog and yr kids are so cute..

  19. Beautiful pictures..Your kids are so cute dear.

  20. wow..this ad KLCC?..i miss ...i was working IN kl before i got married..used to lepak in klcc..your kids looks so adorable....happy ponggal dear!

  21. Krishnaveni ~~> Thanks dear! :D

    Izah ~~> Hehe, thanks ya ;)

    Kak Mi ~~> Thanks ya kak! :D

    blu4sky ~~> Thank you~ ;)

    Kak Atie ~~> Thanks for the compliments kak! :D

  22. Jay ~~> Thank you so much dear!!! :D

    Deetha ~~> Yeah seronok Deetha ;)

    Ina ~~> Thanks Ina ^___^

    Kak Madihaa ~~> Kita pun dah byk kali gi sana kak. Mmg sukeeee ;)

    Kak Hazila ~~> Me too ;)

  23. Noorsha ~~> We were there on 30th Dec! Dah banyak kali gi sana b4 this. Sotong tu suke posing kat love kot...hahaha ;)

    Jagruti ~~> Thanks Jag~ :D

    Zarin ~~> Me toooooo :)

    Harman ~~> Hi Harman, thanks for dropping by! This aquarium is located at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia.

    Quay Po ~~> Yeah I noticed that too...looks much grown now since I first opened this blog! Thank you ;)

    DG ~~> Thanks ya DG ;)

    Priya ~~> Thanks Priya~ :D

  24. Madhura ~~> Thanks ya :)

    Kitchen Flavours ~~> Actually there r lots more to explore at the Aquaria! We loved the place...been there many times before. Guess U should go too!
    Thank you for such sweet compliments...well my son looks like his dad, daughter like me, maybe not! Thank God for giving us such cutie pies! :D

    Kak CM ~~> Yes kak...we loved the place too...been there many times before. Tak serik serik! Ashika takut tengok ikan pari tu! :D

    Sweetsal ~~> Hi Sal, thanks for dropping by! :D

    Suja ~~> Thanks a bunch Suja! :D

    Subhie ~~> It's located at KL Convention Centre. The aquarium is really good! Loved it. Happy Pongal tooo ;)

  25. Hi dear, nice pic..i like!..btw putera n puteri u pun comel..:)

  26. The Sotong got give out nombor ekor 4D or not? ha ha ha

  27. These pictures are beautiful and your children are adorable.

  28. Pics look so nice. Your little ones are so adorable!

    Hamaree Rasoi

  29. hello dear....hru doing....as i come to ur page i m lost..dont knw why..i m getting lots of problem with blogger nowadays...anyways better late than never...darling u r blessed with adorable,cute n smartest kids..they look bful..seems they enjoyed @ the aquarium to the fullest..god bless...and hats off to ur hubbys photography...he is a master....amazing pics...thanks for sharing...

  30. Great pictures! Nice place for a family outing :D

  31. love....takut mas tengok jerung tu tau...he..he..cantik semua gmbar2 tu....

  32. Nieza ~~> Thank U!!! :D

    Pete ~~> Uiks...never ask lor! :p

    Katerina ~~> Thank U so much Kate! ;;)

    Panchpakwan ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Deepa ~~> Thanks my friend! :D

    Sanyukta ~~> Oops sorry for that ya. Are U having trouble with blogger still? Awwww, thank U so much for the lovely words ya! I'm so touched..thank God for everything He given me. Will convey your msg to my hubby!! :)

    Pavithra ~~> Hehe..thanks ya ;)

    Zoe ~~> It's indeed a great place to be in. :)

    Mas ~~> Me too Mas!!! Hahaha :D

  33. Cute pics...your kids are adorable!!

    US Masala

  34. hi love!
    cutelah ur daughter.. i love to look at her..
    i know u miss him really badly..
    sian..tak pe absence makes the heart grow fonder..

  35. beautiful clicks and your kids are adorable..

  36. Hi Love,
    very nice pictures indeed... my favourites are the little princess and young prince pictures :D


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