♥...Rishie Graduated from Smart Reader Kids...♥

Rishie finally graduated from his kindergarten, Smart Reader Kids. To mark this grand event, an Annual Concert cum Graduation was held in Crystal Crown Hotel on Sunday, 12th Dec'2010.

Themed "1 Malaysia", the whole show was simply mind blowing. Kids and parents had a real blast throughout the day. A well-organised event from the management. Hats off!tepuktangan

Some pics on the day...

Teachers at the reception...

1 Malaysia Musical Treat...

Entrance to the ballroom and the buffet...

Opening act by the kids...

A speech from Rishie before tea break...

Rishie and friends walked with pride to receive their scrolls...

Rishie graduated!!! Congrats dearie...

Here comes Jack...

Rishie with fellow SM 6 mates performing for a Tamil song...

Truly 1Malaysia performance from the kids...

Teachers performing..yeah gelek gelek!!!

Principal Mrs. Chelvi joined in...hip hip hurray!

Last but not the least...Ashika, future Smart Reader Kid...

Sweet memories to treasure...

With Teacher Lee (SM 5)

With Teacher Vani (SM 6)

With Principal, Mrs. Chelvi

Best buddies...Qing Yau, Rishie & Akmal

With Kavethrra

With Akmal

The Scroll and Graduation Photo...

We, parents of Rishie would like to thank the Management and Teachers of Smart Reader Kids, for their kind hospitality, love and care towards our son from his day one in the centre (May 2009 - Dec 2010). We are proud to say that Rishie is super ready for Primary One, knowing he has got the best foundation and will excel in the coming years. I'll personally miss the teachers and those lovely kids. Will miss taking Rishie to and fro the centre too!!
Thank You and hope to see U all again!senyumkenyit



  1. hi rishie luk so hndsm kalah SRK u....anyway dear..congrats to u....ashika luk great too....wer amma n appa's photo?

  2. really sweet ! congrats dear rishie n welcome to the next milestone of your life !!

  3. hi
    congsto rishie for his gradation an u also. he is i think very smart andactive boy .funtion is looking fantastic.

  4. congrats Rishie!!!
    You are going to begin a new life after graduation. We pray God that it will be a life full of happiness.

  5. Love,

    your kids are veryu lovely la..congratz to rishie :)

  6. Congrats to Rishie, he's lovely ^__^ I wish he can realize all his dreams. Bye bye, have a good week

  7. congrats rishi...handsome rishi tu love..he..he..

  8. Congrads Rishie...I enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos..

  9. congrats to rishie n mommy too:)))

  10. Congrats Rishie. A whole new world awaits you in Primary School! All the best and keep up the good work in making your parents proud!

  11. mmmm always that adorable Rishie...congrats to both...Rishie and parents.....

    Ayu boleh tgok muke Rishie yang happy sgt tu.....bangga pun ada kan....mmg budak baik la anak LOVE ni......

  12. I enjoyed all the pictures .Congrats to Rishie

  13. Congrats Dear Rishie:-) Lovely pictures..thanks for sharing them with us..

  14. toutes mes félicitations, ce sont de magnifiques photos
    bonne journée

  15. Thats so sweet of u to share beautiful pictures of ur kid . Awesome and congrats for him on his achievement.. May god bless him !!!

  16. Your son is soooo Adorable so is your daughter!!Congrats Rishie..

  17. Congrats Rishie..lovely pictures dear.

  18. Very, very nice pics Love! I think Rishie looks too smart for a 6 yr-old lah...he looks very sensible! I wish my sons are like him!
    Btw, the pics were taken with a camera or your N8?--if you have got it... I read that it takes fabulous pics. :)

  19. Congrats Rishie..lovely pictures dear.

  20. congrats to rishie...dats so nice...he is sooo handsome ....pics are fab

  21. It looks like a perfect ceremony. Congratulations to Rishie!Hope more such events to come in the future.

  22. congrats to your dear son and daughter

  23. Congrats rishie,you look very handsome...

  24. Anits ~~> Hihi, thanks for the compliments my friend! Amma papa busy shooting lor..hehehe ;)

    Priya Sreeram ~~> Thank U so much for your wishes ya ;)

    Nadiah Sidek ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Santosh ~~> Thanks alot ya ;)

    Faradean ~~> Thanks alot for the wishes ya ;)

  25. Kak Yat ~~> Hihi, thanks ya kak! :)

    Federica ~~> Thanks Fed ;)

    Mas ~~> Thanks aunty...hehehe! :D

    Suhaina ~~> Thanks ya Suhaina ;)

    Kak Mimi ~~> Hehe, thanks ya kak! :D

  26. Priya ~~> Thanks ya Priya, yes I am...hehe ;)

    Kitchen Flavours ~~> Thank U so much for the lovely wishes! :D

    Ayu ~~> Thanks for your lovely compliments ya!!! Hehehe, he is indeed a sweet son! Makes us proud all the time. ;)

    Padhu ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Nithu ~~> Thanks ya Nithu ;)

  27. Kak Roz ~~> Hehe, thanks ya kak ;)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks Fim! :D

    Pavithra ~~> It's my pleasure Pavithra! Glad U enjoyed the pics ;)

    Kairali sisters ~~> Thanks a bunch ya! :D

    Suja ~~> Thanks alot ya ;)

  28. Meldy ~~> Hehe, Mel..don't forget to send your kids to the centre! U'll be amazed with their success! :D
    My Hubby was the cameraman of the day, was using his dslr. I changed mind on getting the N8 as one of my friend who works in mobile shop told me that N8 has got lots of hanging problem. Many has returned the phone. I'm still hanging around with my Sony Satio.

  29. Pete ~~> 1 Malaysia kids Pete! hehehe ;)

    Divya ~~> Thanks a ton Divya! :D

    Biny ~~> Thank U so much Biny! :D

    Kate ~~> Thanks for the wishes Kate ;)

    Krishnaveni ~~> Thanks ya ;)

    Sushma ~~> Thanks Sush! :D

  30. Rishie!!!!!!! alamak cam hero hindustan u!~ tergude i....hehehe...alalal cutenye cikgu pakai kebaya n kurung tu..i ingat u tadi sis...heheh...

  31. congrats dear rishi .. u looks great ..
    and to love also .. :)

  32. Congrats to all rounder rishie.Keep rocking.Nice pictures.

  33. Congrats Rishie! HE looks so confident on stage. Looks like a real night to remember :)

  34. Congrats to Rishie.Both the kids look so cute and adorable Love.

  35. Congrats to Rishie and ofcourse you for all the support.Nice to see the pics.
    I have bookmarked a few of you recipe to try over the week.

  36. Congrats Rishie!!! he looks so smart !!
    and wow...amazing pics and wonderful event!!

  37. There is an award waiting for you dear..please collect:)

  38. Aaawww such sweet photos thank you for sharing :)

    If I don't get to visit your blog until the new year (because I'm going away for the holidays and therefore will be offline), have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  39. Congrats Rishie!!! Wow, they have a big graduation night at the hotel huh, my son Desmond's graduation only held at a Dewan of Chinese primary school only..

  40. Enjoyed watching all the wonderful pics,congrats to rishie !

  41. Congrats to Rishie n mommy too..:) nice blog!..dah follow n link your blog...jom visit my blog..:)

  42. Helo Handsome Boy,

    congrats Rishie...wow all these pictures are so beautiful..it makes auntie enjoying seeing all these pictures.Look so happening night...it looks grand the graduation night.

  43. Congrats Rishie! He looks handsome... looks like he had a gala time!

  44. congrats rishie yg ensem! suker tengok gamba2 tuh! tgh carik mak dier jerk tk jumpa2... hihihihi....

    psttt sori akak tag love! hihihihi


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