♥...Awards & A Tag...♥

It's time to clear my pending homework before New Year tomorrow. Yes, I'm talking about the awards and tag that I suppose to collect and post in my blog. Thanks a ton to all the lovely hearts for passing me these awards! Not sure if I deserve them all but appreciate your thoughts!

Starting with the awards I received...

Suja Suganathan from Kitchen Corner

Kak Hana from Hanamemories & Kak Nur from My Little Kitchen

I'm tagged by Priya Sreeram from Bon Appetit with some questionnaire...here's my answer!

Q 1)  Who or what inspired your Food Blogging Journey?
A thought to share my recipes and to learn more from others.
Q 2)  What was the very first dish you cooked for your spouse/loved one ? What was the reaction?
Nasi Lemak. The rice became like porridge! My Hubby's reaction...stayed cool!
Q 3)  What is your idea of a romantic meal ?
Prepare all my Hubby's favourite dishes and lid up a gorgeous candle!
Q  4)  Name any major disaster in kitchen ?
Nothing happened so far...touch wood!
Q 5)  What are your favourite dishes?
Fried chickens, sardine/mackerel curry, mutton dishes.
Q 6) One favourite restaurant and why ?
Amarin Heavenly Thai, Midvalley Megamall. First class Thai cuisine for me!
Q 7) Do you have a New Year's resolution- and will you be sticking to it ?
I'm still thinking on that, hahaha! And if I do, will make my best to stick to it. 

Thank You Very Much!!! 


  1. Congratulations on your awards! Happy New Year!

  2. Wah, so many awards....! Congrats!

  3. congrats on your awards...glad to know about you...very good answers...
    Wish u a very happy & prosperous new year.

  4. Congrats dear! wishing u happy new year!..:)

  5. Tantissimi auguri di buon anno!un abbraccio!

  6. CONgratulations on your awards. I am happy I met you!

  7. Congratulations & Happy New Year..

  8. Happy New Year to u & family!!!!!

  9. love dearie, thanks for being 1000th follower of SG.. ada red roses utk love ya..

  10. Nice to know a little more abt u ! Cheers ! and congrats on the well deserved awards !


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