♥...Spicy Rolls (Popia Pedas)...♥

A snack which topped my favourite snacks list recently. So easy to prepare, so easy to munch! Anytime, anywhere...

Wow...close to an ad right??? Haha. Okey friends, here's my short return to the bloggywood with a simple yet crunchy snack, made with fried spring roll sheets and anchovies sambal. You don't have much to do except for rolling the sheets one by one.

Recipe adapted from a lovely cook cum mother, Mas who blogs her food at Mas: Duniaku :)
Thank you Mas for sharing the wonderful recipe. Rasanya dah banyak kali Love bagitau kat Mas pasal popia pedas ni yang tak sempat nak snap kan. Hah...baru dapat chance!

Here's the recipe, translated. Please head over to Mas' blog for more! 


Ingredients :~

  • One pack of spring roll sheets ( I used the medium size )
  • 1 egg ~ beaten OR form a glue paste using plain flour and water

Ingredients for sauce:

  •      4 tbsp dried chilli paste
  •      1 medium onion - ground
  •      1 clove garlic - ground
  •      dried shrimps - optional
  •      salt to taste
  •      1 cube anchovies stock
  •      5 tbsp of sugar

Add-ons :~

  •     anchovies ~ cleaned and washed
  •     roasted peanuts ~ x add
  •     roasted sesame seeds  ~ x add

Preparation :~

Neatly roll each spring roll sheets, glue the ends with egg mixture or flour paste.
Using a scissor, cut each rolls oblique about 2inches long. 

Deep fry in oil until light brown, remove and drain on paper towel.
Reduce oil, and saute the grounded paste and chilli untill fragrant. Add salt and anchovies stock cube, stir.

Add sugar and stir again, let the mixture thickens. 
Turn off heat and put in the fried spring rolls, mix well evenly and add anchovies, peanuts and sesame seeds as desired.
Allow to cool and store into an airtight container. Happy Munching!!!!

Don't like the spicy version? Then try this...Fry the spring rolls as per recipe, then coat with icing sugar immediately. Enjoy! :) 


  1. Wow..spicy roll looks so inviting and yummy....

  2. nampak yummy :)

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  3. Its new to me...Sounds delicious and interesting....Beautiful clicks too...

  4. Hi Love2cook, wow.... this is a irresistible snack. Looks so appetizing and tempting. Have a nice day.

  5. Hey these are delicious. Will make them of course veggie.

  6. Omg, ur spicy rolls makes me drool..

  7. A new dish for me....and very attractive

  8. awesome recipe..Thanks for sharing..


  9. They look fantastic !
    I missed you posts too, as I said I've been so irregular at blogging for the past 3 months..Hopefully not any more ;-)Saw that it was Rishie's b'day. Sending him my belated wishes and hugs !

  10. That looks really interesting and yum.

  11. very tempting and delicious recipe.. looks yummy !!

  12. Yummy...Buat makan2 sambil tgk tv bagus ni..Heee..

  13. Hi Love dearie....
    Waaaahhh, I miss your cooking so much dah taaauuu...tup tup tayang snack pedas2 camni...what a crisp and spicy snack....give me some dear...haiyooooo ^___^, akak x rajin nak gulung2 tu laaa...adeeii

  14. sedapnyer..kruppp krappp..nice!

  15. Goodness! Looks addictive! Pass me a full jar and I'll empty it in no time! :)

  16. nyum!!! love, it is a must during eid! it took forever to make but lesap sekelip mata! hehe..

  17. This is a new recipe....but looks so tempting ....spicy and yumm!

  18. Love

    I think this is a yummy snack! nak buat jugak :)

  19. It looks yummy! I like spicy spring rolls.

  20. Wow! They look yummy! I am gonna try making this now:)

  21. aduh!! tersgt ler sedapnya tgk popia pedas tu love.. ngan gambar yg sangat cantik membuatkan teringin sgt nak makan popia tu... mcm ada dpn mata jer popia tu.. sedaaaapnyaa..


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