♥...Hubby's New Toy >>> THE ALL NEW AUDI Q5...♥

It has finally arrived after a 8 months wait! It's my Hubby's new toy, brought all the way from Hamburg to Singapore by APL Florida. Then to Euromobil, Glenmarie. senyum

It's none other than... The All New Audi Q5 menari. An amazing machine I would say! Phew!!! Loved the Dakar Beige colour!

Some pics to treasure…

79??? Yup...that’s my birthyear! kenyit

audi Q5.c

audi Q5.baudi Q5.aaudi Q5.d

And, some pics taken at the showroom….Euromobil Sdn Bhd, Glenmarie. (using hp camera)

Rishie and Ashika…the models as always…hehe..!

Free promo for Audi...choose what U like! sengihnampakgigirishie

Audi R8 V10remember the Audi driven by Tony Spark in the Iron Man movie???audi R8.b

The lone ranger….ihikhikashika

Ben10…oops Rishie with another Audi Q5…ihikhikaudi Q5

The new Q7…nice, price is nice too…hahQ7

Rishie is eyeing the Audi R8! He insisted his Papa to get him this car! Gosh…kids! senyumkenyit audi R8

A model who gets too much attention…Paparazzi everywhere…senyumkenyitrishie n ashika

That’s our Audi Q5 with the Big Brother Q7…

Q7 and Q5


  1. Hi dear...

    lupa nak wish happy bloggersary ya..many more fantabulous cooks & bakes!!!! :)

    Great cars, i must say!!! nanti i gi sana, pinjam yr car k..or yr hubby's la..either one..ha ha..

  2. HI sis Love,
    Nice toy.. kalaulah dapat pilih satu kat showroom tu. ;)

  3. Nice to hear about the lovable gifts,ther is one similarity between us.Ya! me too born in 79.Congrats Dear,Keep Rocking!

  4. Hey congrats on turning one. Sorry I missed it. But thanks for the award. The car of your hubby's new toy is awesome. I have a thing for Hummer..:)

  5. Wow Love, nice big boy's toy... how nice if I could get one. anyway we r waiting for ur civic to come....in 3 months time... hu hu hu

  6. hmm...this makes me wonder when will i get my own type R:)

  7. Wow what a beauty,loved the colour, your so lucky...

  8. Wor, vert nice car, you are lucky !Happy weekend..

  9. Nice car dear!!!

    My best wishes on ur first milestone and wishing u many more success dear :-)
    Thx. for the cute card....

  10. Heyy,,enna unga veetukakrar oorla iruntha ungaluku surprise gift koduthaara enjoy pannunga,,Nice car dear..

  11. Vorsprung Durch Technik my dear <3:) Congrats!

  12. Nice car dear pinjam boleh?hahahha

  13. congrats dear for a bloggersary .. what a really nice and awesome car .. audi5 .. a very lucky of uu dear ..

    a very enjoy to u for the new born car .. ehheheh new boy .. :))

  14. Nice Car.Love the color.Enjoy the awaited ride.

  15. Hi Love,
    You call this Toy !!! Love the color :-) nice shots....
    Hamaree Rasoi

  16. Congrats on ur new awesome car!

  17. Congrats on turning one and getting this toy!! enjoy it...you had a BMW before?

  18. Congrats on your first year to rock this blogging world.The new toy is gorgeous.Enjoy dear.

  19. Hey congrats on the successful completion of the first yr....and that toy was fabulous...really nice one...now i need to show this to my hubby too.... ;) Loved it that much....really these kids!!!!!!! Will enjoy with these cars like anythng....

    Hey By the way there is an award waiting for u at my space...please do collect it...

  20. Congratulations!
    wow That's a cool toy to get for the birthday!

  21. Hi Love..
    Wowww...you're lucky too, can also take a ride with yr hb's new toy...It looks tough and great too! Akak kan, dapat tumpang belakang pun jadi lah ya Love..hehe

  22. Hi....nice car n lucky girl yeah...n drive safely.

  23. Nice promo for Audi Q5...We too will join the Audi family next year..

    Congratulations for your blog anniversary.

  24. Congrats on your blog anniversary and new toy.Kids look adorable

  25. Woooooo beautiful car. Lovely color.
    Kids looks so adorable.

  26. DEAR ALL ~> Thank U so much for all ur lovely comments and wishes ya! :)

    Jag ~> Yeah, that's our BMW...;)

    Gayathri ~> Thanks ya, will collect the award soon. :D

  27. Congrats that your family has a new and very beautiful car! Love the colour, too...same as my car :D I'm sure it smells great, too...haha

  28. Beautiful car and congrats on your blog anniversary.Wishing you many more blogging years ahead.

  29. Nice machines....I want one too....he he he!

  30. Mary Moh ~~> Actually I don't like new car smell...but my hubby loves it! hehehe :D

    Simply food ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Pete ~~> Hehe, pls pay a visit to Euromobil, Glenmarie. Hehehe! :D

  31. Audi!!! wow. really amazed. my hubby's fav car too. liked the colour too. kids are rocking..
    Sorry for not collecting the awards.i will soon collect it.


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