Black Glutinous Rice Dessert / Bubur Pulut Hitam

Hello everyone! Good to see you all again. I'm still here, wandering around! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your precious views. Million thanks to those participating in my GIVEAWAY! Yeah, keep your entries 4th July :)

By the way, I'd love to share my Hubby's favourite dessert today. I've made this dessert numerous times before but never posted the recipe in my blog and I wonder why and how I missed it! Glad a reader, Ms Menakha emailed me to share the recipe and such a coincidence that I prepared the same dessert last evening! Thank you for reminding me sis! :)


Ingredients :~
  • 200gm black glutinous rice ~ washed and soaked in water for 1 hour or longer, drained
  • 400ml coconut milk + extra 100ml for serving
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 250gm sugar
  • water
  • 3 screwpines (pandan leaves) ~  knotted

Method :~
  1. Place soaked glutinous rice in a large deep pot. Add about 2 litres of water.
  2. Boil over low flame for 1 hour plus. Until the rice softens / cooked.
  3. Stir occasionally to avoid burnt bottom. (Add more water if the rice dries up).
  4. Once the rice is cooked, add coconut milk, salt, sugar and screwpines. 
  5. Allow the mixture to boil a few times and make sure to stir the bottom often.
  6. Check for sweetness, add more sugar if needed.
  7. Serve hot or warm with extra thick coconut milk. 

I love this dessert thick. You may add some water if it's too thick for you.


See ya'll again!



  1. awesome dessert....i wish i could get these ingredients...have been hearing a lot about the pandan leaves...


  2. Hi Love, wah.... just in time for my tea break. I'm coming over....a big bowl for me, please!
    I really love this but I'm a dessert person,any dessert also I sapu. hahaha

    Hey, next time you try red bean with this pulut hitam, you'll surprise the taste is excellent. For 200gm pulut hitam, you add about 50gm red bean. Happy masak masak.

    Have a nice day. Big hugs to you.

  3. nice one and great shots...never a fan for pulut hitam bt hubby loves it...will try it out one day ;)

  4. hi love..dah lama i x makan la..sedappnyaaa...and ur plate sgt2 cantik:)

  5. One of my fav dessert too...

  6. hi love..I love glutinous rice..this looks so delicious..

  7. Wat a fantastic,super delicious and mouthwatering dessert.

  8. Hai love, apa kbr, lama akk tak singgah sini. Bestnya bubur pulut hitam kesukaan akk tu, tumpang semangkuk love

  9. Love,

    one bowl is for me is it?? Hehehe....akak jadi tk malu pulak!!

    Nice picture....well done dear.

  10. Hi Love...dah lama k.atie xmasak bubur pulut hitam ni sbbnya xder peminatnya kat umah ni.
    K.atie mkn sorang2 jer...tu yg malas nk buat :D

  11. That's is truly a tempting dessert and wonderfully captured too

  12. waw...tak tahan tengok bubur pulut hitam lama2...nanti tergoda..ahaksss...Rahel suka sangat hirup bubur pulut hitam ni...lemak manis gitu..

  13. My all time fav but malas nak buat sendiri hahaha.. the only person yg makan this bubur is me.. tu yg malas nak buat.. if teringin.. pi kedai and buy ajer :o)

  14. Suke..suke...memang fev Iza ni,mai semangkok leh...

  15. Awesome tempting dessert...Very beautiful clicks..

  16. Hi Love, muaahh, muaahh, miss you.... Waaaah tempting dessert...semalam pergi dapur Mat ada bubur pulut hitam gak...adeeeii...bekas cantik, gambar menarik... ^__^

  17. Owh dear loveeeeeeeeeee...

    Missed u....and now with this bubur pulut hitam....I dah jatuh cinta dgn u...ngeeeeeeeeeeee..

    How's everything? Take care sweety!

  18. One of my family's favourite! I always cook in a slow cooker, no need to stir so often and the bottom would not get burn!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  19. I also like to cook black glutinous dessert soup and usually I also add red bean. Happy weekend friend!


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