♥...Some Pics of our New Home...♥

Jeng jeng jeng...goodday all!!! babai

My connection is super fast right now, so I'm not wasting any second blabbering...straight to the premier show of my new kitchen...themed Black & White...ihikhik

Also premiering my dear Hubby's Marine Tank..standing tough as the divider between the 2nd living hall and dining. Can view the coral and fishes from 3 angles...malu

Oh yeah, some of my cyberfriends had been asking for shots of our new home…I'll post some here too…

Welcome to my Home! Have a glass of Freshly made Orange Juice...

My Kitchen! All Black and White…hihi…
my kitchen
White Acrylic cabinets – White wall tiles – Tabletop Granite (Black Galaxy from India) – Black Floor tiles (Black Galaxy)


From back view
Another view

cooking area
Okey, here’s where I cook! hihi…

kitchen n tank
Front view - that’s my Hubby Marine Tank

marine tank2
My Hubby’s reef…not packed with corals as yet

The Inhabitants…marine tank3
I like this fish…Purple Anthias
marine tank
bubble coral My fav Green Bubble Coral
rishie's gobi2 Rishie’s fish…Royal Dottyback
rishie's gobi

Checking on something??? kitchen

Our leisure…hehe!
peacock From prayer room ~ Etched Peacock on tempered glass

chandelier Chandelier falling from 20ft high ceiling

That’s all for now! Phew it took me 2 hours just to upload these pics…hahaha!


  1. coooooooll, u new house is rocking. nicely decorated. u are really lucky.

  2. Ur new house looks soo beautiful dear,,nice interior decoration,,enjoy ur new home..

  3. Omg ur new house looks like a palace...wonderful decoration specially love that aquarium, looks superb and enjoy dear...

  4. Hello Love...cantiknya umah Love.tue baru dapor jer,klu 1 umah xtau la camna cantiknya.pasni kena masak sdp2 kt dapor baru tue...ngeee

  5. Gorgeous...looks awesome...loved your kitchen..

  6. new home looks awesome, dear!!..love ur kitchen....black n white theme looks gr8!

  7. hello love, ur new kitchen looks like a palace!!..beautiful!..if i have this kind of kitchen, i dont think i want to cook, hehe. i will admire aje my kitchen sampai kenyang..boleh gitu?..hehe ..very nice indeed!!

  8. wow.. lovely palace.. great.. all the very best..

  9. mak aihhhhhh!!! lawonyer umah ko lovee! nih tdo kat dapur pong xpe nih! hihihi... very nice dear! gorgeoussss!!!

  10. wowww!!!! cantik betul la love.. terpegun akak tengok.. tang dapur tu yg cukup cantik, set dining pun lawo!! tahniah!!

  11. Awesome decor. You are a lucky women.

  12. Hi love..
    wowwww cantiknyer dapur u n rumah..fuhhh b&w lagi tu..cantik sgt2...boleh tido kat dapur mcm ni kalau pegi umah love...tumpang tgok je kak N ni yer..

  13. Awesome decoration ! Kitchen looks fantastic.

  14. Love,in the first place I would say that your kitchen is a modern deco...plus the dining set it looks more beautiful..u have a nice taste.

    Enjoy happily with your new home.

  15. Love...fanadtic beautiful kitchen..ni nak amsak & baking baru hari2 ada mood ya l;)masak sedap2 kasi kita sumer makan...ha ha..

  16. sorry..typo i meant fantastic!!!

  17. Wow Love, ur soooo lucky dear, I cant get enough of ur kitchen's pics especially the marine aqua... what a lovely deco! Kalau kak rose dapat dapur cam tu, x nak masak dah...

  18. Wowwweeeee!!!!! Cantiknya.....
    I love your lepak2 room in front of the massive TV. If only my house ada that area, hehehehe...
    You are so lucky! :-)

  19. Hi Love..
    tahniah..cantek sgt uma baru love ni..tambah semangat nak masak2 kan..
    nice... :)

  20. Love, u r so lucky to have a very beautiful kitchen! I really admired d colour n design...sweet n cool!

  21. woowwwww...lovee!!!! mmg fantastic & cantik giler ur kitchen..i'm so jealouusss now!!! waduh..x tau la biler akak akan dpt dapur sebegini cunn..u're one lucky lady..muaaahhs!!

  22. LOVEEEEEEE!!! i LOVE it!!! espcly ur aquarium tu...cantiiiiik sgt corals...no wonder la love xmo show b4 this!!!..tunggu umah baru yeee....congrats my dear!!!

  23. phewwww! speechless...u such a lucky wife.. :)

  24. what a lovely home yarr.the kitchen and the the aquarium part looks so attractive.wonderfully done the interior decoration..hope u r really enjoying ur new home..the home is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
    nice pictures..The orange juice looks so yummy

  25. WOW, this is awesome, just super pretty, I like white kitchen too. You are a super lucky women, you must be very happy now..

  26. my oh my.......very2 beautiful kitchen u have.. lovey deaaaaaar.

    If I were 2 have such a beautiful kitchen like dat.....is so awesome....i jes cant imagine having such and beautiful deco especially ur aquarium.........
    Maybe only in my dreams.....congrats 2 u n ur new house........superb.

  27. Good to see you after sometime..congrats on your new house..the kitchen look so good..lovely house..very nicely decorated..

  28. No words dear.. will come there to ur place when I visit malaysia...

  29. kak love!!! cantiknya rumah!!! rasa nak terbang pergi rumah kak love..nak tgk secara live :D

  30. Loveeeee...what a lovely and beautiful home!!Your kitchen really amazing! Wowwhhh..kalau akak datang, duk kat dapur pun ok..xyah pergi mana2 dah...you're so fortunate and one in a thrillion lucky wife, you know...I'm glad for your "dreams come true" and may you n family live happiness in this lovely home! Nanti idea masak2 pun akan bertambah dan malatopsss!!

  31. Wah Love..outstanding design, kak love the aquarium and the color theme is great, nanti boleh msk sedap2 dah ada dapur mcm ni....

  32. What a beautiful home you have very classy and chic.

  33. So beautiful...Loved your contemporary kitchen...enjoy your new house !!

  34. ta cuisine est splendide on ne peut que cuisiner dedans de superbes plats
    bonne soirée

  35. Wow ! Tengok dapur tu, rasa sayang nak masak-masak lak.. kang nak tumbuk sambal tentu bergema satu rumah, hihihi...

    Anyway, tahniah la Love. Kak tie tumpang gembira !!

  36. Wow, wow, wow,,,kak gerau adalah jeles....Cantiknyaaa....meletoppp..betul kata ayu, kalau akak pun tak nak masak dah...akak peluk barang-barang kat dapur jer...ki ki kik

  37. Simply SUPERB!! chanteks sgt okeyh!!

  38. love, bila nak jemput kita semua warming ur kitchen.

    cantiknya id rumah love...congratulation...

  39. Wow Wow Wow! Your kitchen is huge! So spacious....*envy*

  40. aloooo..my dear..kenapa x jd diet nie..fara dh turun 4.6kg nie dlm ms 3 bln..mmg slowla kan..sbb fara x amik apa2 ubat pn...bestnay tgk umah love..cantik,mewah mmg sesuai la dgn love kan?

  41. wow..superb and chic..enjoy your lovely house..

  42. Hi Dear!!!

    Wow!!! your new house is absolutely gorgeus! very nice and classy... spacious too. Just like it all... well done! everyone must be very happy kan.. take care dear!! keep updating ya :)

    Hugs and kisses for lovely Ashika and Rishie :)

  43. Suhaina ~~> Hi Suhaina, tks for the lovely words! Yeah...I am a lucky wife..:)

    Sathya ~~> Thanks alot dear Sathya! ;)

    Priya ~~> Hehe, tks ya Priya! ;)

    KakAtie ~~> Hehe, this home ID is made to our liking kak. We designed it...;)

    Sushma ~~> Tks ya Sush! :)

    Priya ~~> Yeah, B&W is cool na! ;)

  44. Aruna ~~> Tks dear Aruna! ;)

    KakAyu ~~> Hehe, akak...love pun suka msk2 kat dapur baru ni kak. Enjoying more! ;)

  45. Srividhya ~~> Owh, thanks alot Vidhya! ;)

    KakHana ~~> Hehe, akak nih! tks alot ya! ;)

    KakNor ~~> Tks dear Kak!!! ;)

    Ms Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi, tks dearie! ;)

    KakNJ ~~> Aisey, takyah tidur kat kitchen kak...;)

  46. Padhu ~~> Tks dear Padhu..;)

    KakNur ~~> Hehe, yes kak...it's modern theme. Tks ya ;)

    KakYat ~~> Owh, sure2 kak! Will try my best to cook more often now! ;)

    KakRose ~~> Hi Kak, hehe...tks ya! ;)

    Kak LG ~~> Hehe, I spend most of the time there kak! :)

  47. Kak Mummyseri ~~> Tks ya kak! ;)

    Kak E-na ~~> Hi Kak, yes I am a lucky wife kak! My hubby happily made everything for me! ;)

    Kak Inahar ~~> Hehe, sure U'll get it one day kak! I'm lucky too! ;)

    Kak Fmina ~~> Haha...yes kak! Actually tunggu nak ambik pics dari new tank nih...old tank dah dismantle. ;)

    Faheem ~~> Hehe, tks dearie! ;)

  48. Pranis ~~> Tks alot for the lovely comments dear! Ur words always make me fly high! hehehe ;)

    Sonia ~~> Yes Sonia, I'm a Happy Cook now! haha...I was...n continuing to be one...;)

    Kak Mimieloma ~~> Tks alot dearie! My Hubby is a marine reef lover...an aquarium in the hse is a MUST...;)

    Nithu Bala ~~> Tks alot dear! ;)

    Pavithra ~~> U r most welcome dear! :)

    Nadiah ~~> Hehe, U r welcomed too! ;)

    Kak Ummi ~~> Tks kak!! Yeah, the home is made to our liking...ID is by us! Hope to come up with more recipes and try others recipes too! ;)

  49. Treat ~~> Tks kak! I wanted it to be B&W from the beginning, n here's my kitchen today...tks to my dear Hubby! ^___^

    Simply Food ~~> Tks ya! ;)

    Gulmohar ~~> Tks alot ya! ;)

    Fimere ~~> Tks dear Fimere! ;)

    KakTie ~~> Hehe, kena masak jugak kak. Tks alot ya! ;)

  50. Kak Gerau ~~> Hehe, akak nih! Tks ya! ;)

    Eicah ~~> Tks ya Eicah! ;)

    Anits ~~> Tks ya! ;)

    Eliza ~~> Oops dah abis pun kitchen warming...kekeke! Tks ya! ;)

    Tigerfish ~~> Owh no, pls dun envy me! ;)

  51. Faraliza ~~> Hi Fara, mana nak diet..asyik makan je! hehehe! Tks alot ya! Owh yeah it's my taste ;)

    Jagruti ~~> Tks ya Jag! ;)

    Ijan ~~> Hi Ijan!!! Awaiting for ur comments...hehe! Sure, will keep updating, unless my maxis broadband buat hal...;)

  52. Love...

    Nak nangis mama tengok Love punya rumah.. especially your kitchen. Kalau mama dapat that kitchen, I think most of the time habis kat situ je la. Not sure, whether time spent on cooking or just sit on that comfortable dining chair and keep admiring my kitchen!

  53. MamaFami ~~> Aisey akak...nangis plak! Hihi, actually I'm spending most of my time here too, not cooking but surfing when I can! muahaha! ;)

  54. Hai Love,
    Wowwww...wow...wowwww....Nicee sangat...Wahhhh...sure tak nak kluor dari dapur ni......

    Emmmm...lamanya tak dapat blogwalking sini....rinduuuuuuu

  55. hi,
    am passing by...
    love your kitchen..it's really cool.. at first i thought it was a kitchen showroom...scroll down some more.. saw the marine tank..awesome... !!!!

  56. Sue ~~> Hehe Sue..lama tak nampak!!! Mmg love sll duk kat dapur je...surfing the net! muahahaha! ;)

    blu4sky ~~> Hi, welcome to my cyberhome!! Ooops kitchen showroom??? hehe...no ya, it's my kitchen! My hubby is a reeflover...marine tank is a must for him...;)

  57. hey, I think I should have gone through your posts before I questioned about deco, hahaha
    that's a wonderful nice house you have!!! nice kitchen where you're going to enjoy concocting your favourite recipes, huh??? lovely decoration!!! congratulations and enjoy!!!!!

  58. Wow, black and white is a superb concept. Really love it.

  59. Vinolia ~~> Hehehe, no worries Vino! Thanks for the lovely comments dear! ;)

    Ash~Levin ~~> Thanks dear!

  60. Hi Love... you were backed but I was missing & now I'm backed..! Wow...what a gorgeous house.... love it! Congratulations! Sure this inspires you to spend more time at home & cooking!

  61. wow love! kellasssss gitu!...really nice interior. Want more pictures...more...more....

  62. Loved the aquarium and your beautiful kitchen.

  63. B&W is always nice but I wonder how you gonna take care of your kitchen. Sorry, for the statement but I had the same concept for the last 5 years and to tell you the truth I had tough time taking care of my kitchen (especially the white tiles & cabinet). Just recently my hubby decided to change everything to a darker tone (thx to my hubby)for easier maintenance. FYI i love cooking just like you and spend most of my time in kitchen.
    My advise, always take good care of your kitchen especially with heavy cooking. All the best.

  64. Kak Roz ~~> Heheh, thanks kak!

    Us ~~> Oops sorry that's all the pics! :D

    Sri Devi ~~> Thanks ya! :D

    Anon ~~> Hi Anon, thank U very much for ur advise. Frankly I do need to clean my kitchen quite often, but am simply loving it. Will never change this. We decided on the theme after considering all these matters. We love the kitchen, my guests loved it the most. Thanks again ya ;)

  65. Wow this is awesome!This is one kitchen I would love to cook but not maintain> when I remodel my kitchen I am going to look at your place for ideas. I hope it is okay with you! My daughter has a emoticon for your place :):):)<3

  66. My word - that is lavish! I am totally visiting you, girl! Awesomeness!

  67. wow Shri is this your house or a palace ? ;-) omg u are sure a neat freak and i love u for that :) isnt it great to be in a home that is clean and neat... love all the interiors and decor simply amazing... but somehow my fav is the kitchen :P <3

    1. LOL Priya...it's our home da, actually my little palace...hehe! Owh no, am not a neat freak. Thanks for your wonderful compliments dear... ;)


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