♥...love2cook is Back Again...my new Oven and a Cake...♥

Halloooooooooooooooooooo my dear friends!!! How U all been??? peluk

Been a month now since my last post! We were really occupied with our new home...decorating and arranging stuffs...phew! penat

It's all complete now and Hubby is back to work as well...in Brazil...senyumkenyit

Actually our new home has no proper internet connection as yet, waiting for phone lines from Telekom so that I can surf with my streamyx...(thanks to my Hubby for commenting at shoutbox about my situation here)...

I'm currently using Maxis broadband...real lousy from noon onwards...kekeke...no way I could open my blog with this super-duper connection...haishhh...

Surprisingly, it's been working fine since this morning...but dunno when it'll drop connection again...

So, back to my new home story...we had the Housewarming prayers on 3th April and started to live in since then. We are enjoying every moment here now (though we are missing our former home, which we've planned to sell).

I have a brand-new kitchen now, built to my liking...thanks alot to dear Hubby for fulfilling my requests. Love U Chelo! cium

Well, I'll post my kitchen pics next time ya...need to go through my folders.

As U all know I've yet to indulge in baking world. Baking cakes/biscuits etc were not in my interest until I started blogging...seriously!

Thus, Hubby recently bought me a Teka built-in oven for my new kitchen...and I've started my baking for the last one week...

As the first trial, we made a Marble Cake using a premix flour (my Hubby did almost everything, my work was just placing the cake tray in the ovengelakguling). The result was okey, except for the cracked top and browned edges...the inner part was yummy though! lapar Sorry, no full cake pic...left just that one piece for a click...senyumkenyit

I will surely need lots of tips and tricks from all those baking experts out there...U ladies will help me na! sengihnampakgigi

Okey, let's have a look at my oven and the cake, sorry I lost the initial picture...this one was taken during a chicken-grill...muahahaha!

teka oven HX760

Our First Marble Cake...menarimarblecaketrial marblecaketrial2 marblecaketrial3

Hereby, I would like thank all my cyberfrens for ur wishes and support given to love2cook's family during my absence from the blogworld...
Thanks a zillion for coming over often to check my whereabouts...there are so many comments and messages everyday...so sweet of U all!

Heartiest Welcome to all new visitors and followers too...
I'll surely visit U back soon...


  1. Hello Love...miss you alot!!!selamat brblog kembali dgn resepi2 yg best2...cantik oben baru tue!!

  2. welcome back, your new oven is really wonderful and such a beautiful perfectly baked cake too

  3. hai LOVE .. miss u too ..

    welcome back .. nice new oven .. hope will come with new recepiesss :)

  4. Welcome Back. Wah nice new oven!

  5. Wow u r back, missed u dear..Hope u r well settled at ur new home..Cake looks fantastic, soft and beautiful...Keep on baking!!

  6. Hello Love, welcome back, nice oven and beautiful cake, from now on you could enjoy baking ya....

  7. aunty love..me and ibu miss u all so muchooo! welcome back!

  8. I wait until long neck lor, so glad to hear from you and so happy you get a new oven and new kitchen somemore...do share with us your new Kitchen in your next post.

  9. I wait until long neck lor, so glad to hear from you and so happy you get a new oven and new kitchen somemore...do share with us your new Kitchen in your next post.

  10. welcome back my dear! what a coincidence. i wrote about this blog for my posting today:)

  11. Welcome Back. Lovely post. Cracked or not, the cake looks lovely!

  12. Hi Love, can't wait to see the pics on ur new home and those everything new!

  13. Hi kak Love,
    Welcome back! wah, oven yang saaangat cantik! skarang pindah kat mana, kak? still klang or tmpat lain?
    Hope sis love n family seronok berada di rumah baru. miss you, sis!

  14. good to see you back.. what a grand comeback with such a beautiful cake!

  15. hai love...welcome back...i'm new to u but not u to me..heeee

  16. welcome back dear...awesome cake....excellent photography!

  17. Welcome back dear. This is an excellent way to inaugurate the new oven. Your cake is wonderful. Can I have a slice ;)? Bye bye

  18. Hi Love!!! welcome back...sukeee tgk ur new oven...so welcome to the world of baking!:-)

  19. hi LOVE..glad you are back...i've been waiting to here again from you...

    walla nice kitchen....more delicious receipe maybe my dear...

    take care

  20. Nice to see u back :-)
    Cake looks very soft and delicious dear!!!!

  21. Hellooooo...anybody home? Hahaa...Looooovvveeeee...missed you too! Woooww weeee..new Teka oven? So nice of your husband...Now I'm pretty sure you'll spend and enjoy a wonderful world of cooking at your new kitchen..Okay, nnt tunjuk kitchen baru eh...excited dah ni...nak tengoookkk...xpalah, dah lepas housewarming...nnt bakar kek banyak2 and send me a telegram..I'll be right here with my turbo jet..hahaa

  22. Welcome back dear,,, your marble cake in new oven came out perfect,only today morning i was tihnking about u and came to your blog to check whether u posted something i thought for me only didnt get updates in my bloglist about ur postings...

  23. hello lovetocook welcome back..so finally u settled in ur new home..
    really missed ur post and delicious dishes..its ok na nowonwards we can enjoy that..thats cool
    What a delicious cake yarr..nice oven too..
    as usual lovely photos..enjoy dear.

  24. hi Love...wow!! oven baru ya..ada housewarming party tak?hehe

  25. Welcome back sweet lady! Miss u too....! Wow best nya...new house, new kitchen & new oven. Need baking tips? I can offer u help anytime u need it. New oven is always a bit too strong & suggest you reduce temp by 10C from the recipe. Can see that your cake is overbrown. Your marble looks very good for a beginner!

  26. kak love...rindunya!!! lama betul tak dengar citer kak love. wah..dah ada oven ye? pasni blh la main baking2 pulak. best jgk tau buat kek ;)

    kak love, jgn lupa ambil award ye..amik kat link ni: http://ummsyuhada.blogspot.com/2010/03/beautiful-blogger-award.html

  27. Back with a bang...great !! Hope you'll have a better net connection soon :-)Thanks for sharing a recipe from your new kitchen..such a wonderful cake

  28. ciao! che piacere rileggerti...e che golosa questa torta!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

  29. Nice to see you back.Your new oven looks beautiful and the marble cake looks delicious.

  30. hi <3...welcome back to www:we missed u :)

  31. bien venue parmi nous tu nous as manqué...bisou

  32. KakAtie ~~> Hehe, thanks kak! ;)

    Prime ~~> My Chelo!!! mmuuuuah!! :D

    Sushma ~~> Hi Sush, thanks ya!!! ;)

    KakIeda ~~> Hi Kak, thanks ya...hope I'll come up with new recipes too..hehehe! :)

    Pete ~~> Haha, thanks Pete! Time to bake! :)

  33. Priya ~~> Hi Priya, thanks alot ya! Wish to get some baking tips from U too! hehe ;)

    Treat ~~> Hi Kak, thanks ya! Yeah, it's time to bake...hihi...wish to get tips from U too! ;)

    Faheem ~~> Hi Faheem!!! Hru dear BB??? Missed U too...:)

    Sonia ~~> Ooops sorry to kept U waiting ya! hehehe...sure will post my new kitchen soon...:)

    Cheryna ~~> Haha yeah Sha...I was surprised when I saw ur write-up...thanks alot ya! ;)

  34. Cool Lassie ~~> Hi CL! Thanks ya..owh, that's so sweet of U! ;)

    KakRose ~~> Hi Kak, I tried entering ur blog yesterday..but failed to comment. Thanks ya...sure will post more on my new home..;)

    Nurindah ~~> Hi Nur, thanks ya...hehe! I'm still in Klang...takleh lepas Klang...haha!
    I'm now in Ambang Botanic...;)

    DatinEL ~~> Missed u too Datin ;)

    Uma ~~> Thanks alot Uma! ;)

    Leen ~~> Hehe, I came to ur blog yest...but my connection was very slow, I left. Thanks for coming over ya! Sure will visit U when I can...;)

  35. Priya ~~> Hehe, thanks ya Priya!!! :)

    Federica ~~> Hi Fed, thanks ya...oops, that cake is finished! hehe :)

    Kak E-na ~~> Hehe, thank U so much kak! Hope to get more tip from U too...:)

    Emil ~~> Owh, thanks alot for waiting dear! Sure, will come up with new recipes...:)

    Aruna ~~> Thanks alot for the welcome Aruna! ;)

    KakUmmi ~~> Hi Kak!!! hehe Love is here...pls come in! Sure kak, will post on my new kitchen soon! Hihi, telegram? okey done! ;)

  36. Sathya ~~> Awww, that's so sweet of U ya! Hehe, I'm back again...but with the lousy internet connection. See U! ;)

    Pranis ~~> Hi Prani..thanks alot ya! hehe...sweet compliments dear! ;)

    KakCM ~~> Hi Kak, hehe housewarming dah abis kak...;)

    KakRoz ~~> Hi Kak! Hehe, thanks alot for the tips...I actually followed the recipe 100%..my second cakes, I followed my oven manual (temp reduced), but still my cake cracked...uwaaaa! Something wrong with the mixing???

    Nadiah ~~> Thanks alot Nadiah!!! Sure will get the award! I wanttt...hehehe ;)

  37. Gulmohar ~~> Hi ya!!! Thanks alot for the welcome dear! hehe...hope to cook/bake more often...:)

    Federica ~~> Thanks alot ya! ;)

    Kiran ~~> Hi Kiran! Thanks alot ya...I know there's an award awaiting me right??? hehehe! :D

    Deliah ~~> Thanks alot kak!!! :)

    Fimere ~~> Thanks alot my fren! ;)

  38. Oven baru???kak gerau adalah jeles sebab kak gerau jenama kokak jer awak jenama teko....er hi hi hi

  39. Nice to have you back again. Happy Chitra Pourami.

  40. Uwaaa..... pindah rumah baru ? Oven baru ? dapur baru ? Tahniah laa..

    Nanti jangan lupa tepek gambar2 dapur tu. Kak tie suka tengok!

  41. very new to ur blog. u have a lovely space here. cake looks very nice.
    I also love to have a teka oven like urs. Hope u have settled down in ur new house.
    Happy to follow u.

  42. welcome back!! miss u lah..sunyi jer takde entry from love..mana gambar rumah baru?

  43. hai love..welcome back..mesti rumah you cantik..

    oo hb dah pergi balik ke luar negara ..tak per dia pergi cari duit banyak-banyak..lepas ni boleh gi honeymoon tempat best.

  44. KakGerau ~~> Hehe akak nih!!! Teko plak! ;)

  45. Ms. Pushpa Soh ~~> Hi my friend!!! hru??? Thanks for the Tamil New Year wishes too...! Went to Pelita lately??? hehe take care ;)

    KakTie ~~> Hehe, hi kak! yeah gambar dapur is up! ;)

    Suhaina ~~> Hi Suhaina, welcome to my cyberhome!!! Glad to know U! Wow, U liked Teka too uh??? Cool! Will visit U soon! ;)

    Eicah ~~> Hi Eicah, hehe sunyi ker??? How's ur pregnancy getting on??? ;)

    Kak Ina ~~> Hi Kak...love pun tunggu nak pi honeymoon gak! hehehe ;)

  46. hi.. i'm planning to buy teka oven. Since you've been using this oven for over 4 years already, how its performance? Still in good condition?


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