♥...Hi Again and Happy Ramadan...♥

A BIG Hello to all my lovely cyberfriends! How r U all doing there???

First of all, I apologize for missing in action from blogworld. I truly missed blogging but then lately I caught myself really busy with life and kids. Until now, my internet connection is really bad...still haven't got our Telekom line as yet. Right now the Maxis broadband we use works fine in the morning only. Completely down rest of the day and weekends. Therefore, I can't go online eventhough I'm free in the noon.

I hope it's not too late to wish all my Muslim friends in Malaysia and around the world, a Happy Ramadan. Wish U all have a blessed and prosperous month. Happy Fasting...Selamat Berpuasa! "Jangan lupa hantar cookies to Love tau!!!"

To all my new followers and visitors, welcome ahead! Sorry for not visiting U back...and replying ur comments. Sure will do soon.

To the rest of my friends, thank you soooooooooo much for keep visiting me and leaving comments under my posts and chatbox. Thanks for trying out my recipes too...go on copying them, don't need my permission ya!

Okey, time does not permit me to type much now...till we meet again, take care and have fun!


  1. Happy ramadan ms love...do come back soon, v all miss you a lot...

  2. love dearie.. ingatkan gi honeymoon lg hehehe.. welcome back, miss u :)

  3. Hi sis love,
    Miss you sis. Moga ceria selalu :)

  4. helllloooooo :) long time no hear :) hope all is swell and whistlin' :)thanks for the greet. best wishes to you and family from us :)

  5. Your blog is like a cup of morning coffee. Welcome back. I need my daily coffee. Take care. Will be visiting my friend in AB.

  6. heyyy love!! hope u doing very well in d holy month of ramadhan ;))

    miss u...

  7. hai deary love .. hope u always doing well holy month of ramadhan also ..

    miss u ..:)

  8. Welcome back dear and Happy Ramadan to u....And love to your children
    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Happy Ramadan to you! Hope to see you back with more recipes soon :D

  10. Happy Ramadan to u n family too :)

  11. Hi Dear.... really glad to hear that you are okay... kept wondering what happened to you for long silence :D anyway, take care always :)

  12. DEAR ALL ~~> Thank U so much for all ur lovely comments! Though I do not celebrate Ramadan...I'm really enjoying the month by visiting Ramadan Bazaar! ;)

    Ms Pushpa ~~> So sorry for not meeting up ur expectations lately ya. Hope I'll be back soon once everything is settled. ;)


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