You may call me Sri or Love as how I'm fondly known to my cyber friends <3

Born as a Malaysian Hindu, I live my life with the best gifts God showered me with...My Husband, My Son & My Daughter.

I got myself indulged in culinary after my marriage. I cook simple and easy dishes mostly. FYI, I cook more than baking. Loved to share my creations with rest of the world and would be so grateful if it helps someone someway. I'm a learner and will forever learn. Show love and be loved, that's my motto!

Not a regular blogger but will make entries whenever time permits, atleast once a week! So please stay with me. I do have other priorities than blogging, especially my precious family.

Have some interest in food Photography, but it needs time and patience..which really lacks in me! My food(o)graphy is very simple, although I love to work around props with a touch of food styling. Sigh *

Other than being in the kitchen, I enjoy collecting white porcelain glasswares! Can't keep hands to myself when I see those beautiful plates, cups, bowls, ramekins and whatever that catches my eyes. I'll make sure they are brought to the cashier, lol! My kitchen shelves are getting over packed with them, that's not stopping me :)

And, thriller novels are my weaknesses! I adore authors Mary Higgins Clark and Karin Slaughter!

This blog is specially dedicated to...

* my Husband ~ The backbone and biggest supporter of myself. He believes in me more than I do! A soul who always made sure I update my blog, LOL!

* my Kids ~ Best food critics I ever had. Their verdicts are always the final, especially my son Rishie! 

* my Mother ~ My all-time cooking inspiration. I'm still struggling to cook like her although she praises my food. I regret for not helping her out in kitchen during my younger days! ;)

* and to every food bloggers and readers on earth!

(not only for food shots but also for my Hubby's Marine Tank shots and others)

Our Dslr;
Canon EOS 450D and Canon EOS 60D (latest upgrade) and the lenses are;

Canon EF18-55mm kit lens ~ not in use at the moment
Canon EF50mm 1.8 ~ mostly for food shots
Canon EF50mm 1.4 USM ~ best for portraits
Tamron Macro 90mm ~ good for both normal and macro shots ( tank coral shots and food )
Tamron Tele-Macro AF70 - 300mm ~ latest addition

Enjoy your stay and please do come again.

Much love,