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♥...Apam Mekar (Appam Blossom)...♥

Ahhhhh... see my fellow blogger friends making steamed appams everywhere, I too feel like making one. But right now my health condition is not really good which is keeping me away from the kitchen. I'm catching up with cold already...accchummm!

    Owh yeah talking about my kitchen...many has been asking me if the kitchen image at my blog header is my own kitchen or what. Hehe, yes friends...that kitchen is mine! Build with Black and White theme. I've posted my kitchen pictures here before...please head over to MY KITCHEN IMAGES to check it out!

    Okey, back to the appam matter...hehe! Just remembered that I steamed this appam before Diwali. It's been sleeping inside my folder all these while. So here it is...

    APAM MEKAR (APPAM BLOSSOM) by Kak Hanieliza
    ( I made single colour only, check out the original link on how to make few colours)

    Ingredients :~
    • 250 gm sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • 200 ml fresh milk
    • 300 gm wheat flour
    • 1 tsp ovallette
    • food colouring
    • paper cups ( I used small cups)
    Method :~
    1. Heat up the food steamer with sufficient water.
    2. Beat sugar with egg till fluffy. Add vanilla essence and continue beating.
    3. Fold in wheat flour, milk and ovallette. Beat until fully incorporated.
    4. Add your favourite colouring and mix well.
    5. Pour mixture in paper cups about 3/4 each.
    6. Place the paper cups in the appam mould and steam for 15 minutes. (Make sure the heat is high if U want your appam to smile!)
    7. Serve with grated coconut+little salt.

    ♥...Chocolate Mousse Pudding...♥

    Happy Monday to all...let's start this week with a big smile on your face! sengihnampakgigi

    Seriously, am not gonna blabber much today..carrying on with a yummy, spoon-licking dessert, Chocolate Mousse Pudding. The preparation is simple... try it..

    (this recipe yields about 2 ramekins, please double the ingredients if U need more)

    Ingredients :~
    • 113 gm baking/cooking chocolate (Use good quality)
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • 2 eggs ~ separate the yolks and egg whites
    • 2 tbsps heavy/double/thickened whipping cream
    • chocolate slices or whipped cream ~ for topping
    Method :~
    1. In a saucepan, melt chocolate with water over double boiler.
    2. Using electric mixer, whip the melted chocolate together with egg yolks and vanilla essence until thick and creamy. (use medium speed)
    3. Add in whipping cream and whip over low speed until well mixed. Transfer the chocolate mixture into another bowl.
    4. Wash the mixer bowl and wire whip. Dry thoroughly then whip the egg whites on high speed to stiff peak. Switch off the mixer.
    5. whipped egg white
    6. Fold in the whipped egg whites into the chocolate mixture until well combined.
    7. Fill in the ramekins and chill about 2 hours. Top with grated chocolate or whipped cream before serving. Enjoyyyyyyy!

    ♥...Awards, Tags, Noodles...♥

    It's Sunday! Time to collect the tags and award given to me by fellow bloggerfriends. I better do it now then completely forget about it...

    Start with an award came all the way from Karnataka, India. Hehe, it's none other than my new found blogger friend, IndianspiceMagic!!! Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on passing me the Versatile Blogger Award ya. God Bless!


    Moving on with the Tags.

    I was tagged by 3 beautiful ladies, great cooks and friends...MamaFami, Mas and Kak Intan! Both Mamafami and Mas passed me same tag, so I don't have to crack my super brain much finishing 3 different set of questions...easy peasy na!

    Anyways, the tag comes with 17 questions in Malay. Afraid I don't have the time to translate, I carried on answering them. Generally it's about my likes and dislikes...

    Tag by Mamafami and Mas...

    1. Bagi 3 makanan yg korang paling suka dan sila bagi specific nama makanan tersebut and the way you like it.
    a. Ayam Goreng Berempah ~ I mmg suka, takde nasi pun takpe..hehe!
    b. Nasi Lemak bungkus ~ yang dah bungkus lama2 gitu
    c. Thosai ~ dengan chutney dan sambal bilis ;)

    2. Dua jenis air apa yang paling korang suka?
    a. Coke
    b. Fresh Orange

    3. Which type of food yg korang prefer, pilih 3 sajo : Malay, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Italian, Mexican, Arabian.
    Indian, Malay & Chinese (arghhh western too, but that's forth!)

    4. Apa makanan yg korang paling expert masak? Dalam kata yg lain, takyah tgk resepi tapi at the same time bile org lain rasa, org akan kata "wahhh, gila sedap".
    Ayam Goreng Berempah Serai ~ My Hubby and son always give thumbs up.

    5. Semahal mana korang pernah bayar untuk makanan korang?
    Takleh ingat...tapi pernah bayar mahal untuk makanan yang tak sedap. Terkejut tengok bil..:(

    6. Beri nama restoran favourite. Apa makanan kat situ yg paling sedap?
    Pelita Nasi Kandar, Bukit Tinggi Klang.
    Nasi Lemak, Ayam Goreng, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Mee Goreng, Fresh Orange, Nasi Briyani...list goes on...hahaha! :D

    7. Ayam, kambing, lembu, itik, burung puyuh, burung wak-wak, rusa, landak, merpati, ayam denak. Mana satu yang korang suka? Kalau korang ada suka yang lain, tapi aku tak list, bagitau je la.
    Everyone knows I'm a chickenlover, so chicken is always the first for me. Next would be mutton! I don't take anything else in that list.

    8. Restoran/cafe pertama korang dating bersama pasangan anda? Dan makan/minum apa? Kalau korang ingatlah kannn.
    I simply can't remember that! OMG, short term memory loss!

    9. Apa makanan yg selalu remind korang terhadap pasangan korang?Kenapa?
    Roti canai coz he always have that for breakfast when he's back in town.

    10. Kalau pegi rumah orang, korang selalu berharap orang tu selalu hidang apa?
    Serve me with a smiling is next!

    11. Makanan yg korang mmg tak buleh nak telan langsung. Samada tak sedap atau tekak korang dah kembang.
    Fish in curry ( I'll take just the curry alone, not the fish. I like fried fish only)

    12. Menu raya paling disukai.
    Diwali ~ Murukku and everything else
    Hari Raya ~ Nasi impit ngan kuah kacang/ rendang ayam
    CNY ~ Cookies

    13. Jajan/Cikedis favourite?
    Mamee, but Hubby tak bagi conscious. Kerepek pedas, laju je turun!

    14. Beri dua makanan yg mak korang masak yang korang suka?
    Mutton poriyal, Sura meen curry (kari ikan)

    15. Makanan paling pedas korang makan? Sapa masak?
    Mee goreng mak Love. Dulu I ok je...karang dah tak larat nak makan! She can still take spicy.

    16.Korang kalau jumpe orang yang tag korang ni, apa agaknya korang nak hidang/belanja?
    Belanja sky juice ok tak? Hehe, just kidding, depends on what they want. In return, I'll ask for Mamafami's Cakes and Mas' Popia Pedas!!! Hahahaha...

    17. Sile tag 5 orang dan paksa mereka buat tag ini.
    I'll skip this..since there are few likes to be tagged, some not. But I don't know which category U are in...


    Last but not the least, a Tag with an Award from Kak Intan...

    1. Nick Name Tuan punya Blog :~ love2cook

    2. Ucapan untuk pemberi Award :~ Thank you so much for remembering me Kak Intan! Now I know my blog is cantik (beautiful)...hahaha, perasan jap. I always adore your work, be it your dishes and those lovely handicrafts...

    3. 6 Artis kegemaran/ Singer/ Group :~
    • SP Balasubramaniam ( the legend, singer from India)
    • AR Rahman (the Oscar Winner Music Composer & Singer)
    • Harris Jayaraj ( Music Composer from India)
    • Jyothika (Favourite actress from Kollywood)
    • Sushmitha Sen (Favourite actress from Bollywood)
    • Umie Aida (Favourite Malaysian Actress)
    4. Tag 10 Blogger yang terpilih :~
    • Ina ~ Coretan Kehidupanku
    • Nadiah Sidek ~ Bicara Hati
    • Emilia ~ Cerita cerita Hidupku
    • Kak Watierman ~ Watiermanlife
    • Mas ~ Duniaku
    • Kak ChikMi ~ Aku dan Kehidupanku
    • Kak Ham ~ Keluarga Airuti
    • Kak Anawahid ~ Mari..Jom..Singgah
    • Ijan ~ Blogresipi
    • Kak Atie ~ Azatiesayang
    Phew, all questions answered!!! Hope this is good enough...heeeeee!menari

    To all of U, thank you so much for coming in. Not gonna let U go just like that...please join us for some Fried Noodles...cheers!

    ♥...Friday Food Review ~ Pineapple Pudding / Puding Nenas...♥

    Suppose to make Lychee Pudding by Kak Hanieliza. But only later I found out that I don't have any canned lychee available at my shelf. But I had canned pineapple, so used it instead.

    Followed measurement by Kak Nor and got the result I wanted. Simply delicious pudding, a scoop was never enough! Have it chilled, U'll forget the world...try it!

    Here's the translated recipe...bunch of thanks to both sifus!!! tepuktangan

    PINEAPPLE PUDDING (originally adapted from
    Kak Hanieliza's Puding Laici)
    Recipe source : Kak Nor

    Ingredients :~
    • 10gm agar-agar powder
    • 5 cups water
    • 8 tbsp sugar, about 3/4 cup
    • 1 can evaporated milk (400gm Ideal milk)
    • 1 canned lychee ( pineapple)
    • few drops of yellow colouring ( I added)
    • 1 tsp pineapple essence ( I added)
    • -keep some fruits for garnishing
    Method :~
    1. Blend canned fruits with 1 cup of sugar syrup from the can (just for seconds, not to make it too fine).
    2. Boil agar-agar powder with water until dissolved. Add sugar, continue boiling till sugar dissolves.
    3. Turn off heat. Mix in the evaporated milk and blend fruits. Stir well.
    4. Pour into desired moulds or ramekins. Cool before chilling. Serve with additional fruits...
    This is a little soft pudding. Scoop to enjoy...;)

    I've posted my version of Lychee Pudding HERE before...!

    Aite, have a great weekend ahead friends! babai

    ♥...Simple Fried Turmeric Chicken / Ayam Goreng Kunyit...♥

    Quite sometime now since I posted my favourite chicken here na...really? hah

    Caution!!! This is a very simple chicken dish...anyone can do it, lol! jelir

    Goes very well with hot plain rice!


    Ingredients :~
    1/2 chicken ~ cleaned and cut into medium size
    1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
    1 tbsp shallots paste
    1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
    1/2 tsp coarsed blackpepper

    2 onions ~ cut into rings
    1 pc green chilli ~ sliced
    1 pc red chilli ~ sliced
    2 stalks lemongrass ~ lightly crushed

    cooking oil

    Method :~
    • Marinate ingredients A for 30 minutes or longer.
    • Deep fry the chicken pieces in oil until cooked (I like to fry them little darker). Keep aside.
    • Reduce oil in wok to the minimum. Saute ingredients B for few seconds and throw in the fried chicken pieces. Check seasonings. Leave the chicken to coat well with the ingredients for 5 minutes. Ready to serve.
    * U may also use boneless chicken pieces for this recipe. Boneless chicken breast or keel
      parts are good.
    * U may also put additional blackpepper.
    * U may add long beans or carrots to this dish

    Easy na??? I told U so...hehehe...

    Enjoy Your Day...See ya! kenyit

    Sending entry to Dr.Sameena's Chicken Recipe Event

    ♥...My Birthday Gift & An Award...♥

    No food post for today as I was little busy the whole yesterday doing nothing...Hahaha! jelir

    Well, I cooked for both lunch and dinner...that's a lot of work already right!

    I recently celebrated my 31st Birthday, on 7th Nov. A prezzie from beloved Hubby is a must...owh, I'm so mean!!! marah

    Panasonic Lumix FH20, a pocket digital camera this time. A gift which I can keep in my bag and walk around, get some candid shots. I'm beginning to like the camera, pics are good especially outdoor ones.

    Can't be carrying our Canon dslr bag everywhere. That's mainly to shoot food pics and hubby's marine aquarium. Also for vacations and functions. Newayz, I love both the cameras!!!

    Thanks my dear Hubby, in Cape Town right now...missed U Chelo!!! love

    Next, I received an award! Ms. Biren@RotinRice and Ms.Ruby@punjabifooddiary passed me One Lovely Blog Award. I should first apologize for posting the award little late here. I'm suffering from a short term memory loss lately...hehehe! Luckily I browsed through my folders and found my pending homework.

    I'm honoured to see my blog listed in their 15! Thank you so much to the beautiful ladies.
    The award comes with few rules. I have to link the sender who gave me this award, then pass the award to next 15 awardees and let them know about the award. That's all...

    I'd like to pass on the award not to just 15 friends of mine...but to everyone I knew through blogworld! Fair??? Don't worry, I'll message U whenever I'm at your!

    Again, thanks a ton to Ms. Biren and Ms. Ruby!!! God Bless...peluk

    Did anyone else passed me any awards before and I've not collected them till now? Buzz me please...

    Alright gotto go...see ya'll next time! :wave:

    ♥...Easy Baba's Murukku...♥

    Hello friends, how U all been??? We are doing very good here but started to get bored since my Hubby left for Cape Town last night. We had a real blast this month, super fun!!! Hehe...menari

    Making murukku, a popular and a must-have snack during Diwali has become pretty easy with ready made flours. You may find several brand in stores, but I used Baba's Murukku Flour Mix. I was actually influenced by my Mum. She's been using Baba's all these while, thus I followed suit.

    Though its a packed flour, I'd still need to prepare additional spices to mix with the flour. The recipe at reverse side of their pack does not include those spices. It would taste very plain without them. So, let's have a look at this easy-to-do murukku recipe. Anyone can make this and don't forget the murukku mould!

    Baba's Murukku Flour Mix is made of rice, black gram, gram dhal and salt.

    MURUKKU by love2cook
    • 1 pack (500gm) Baba's Murukku flour
    • 3 tbsp margerine/ ghee
    • 1 tsp omum seeds ~ toasted
    • 2 tsp sesame seeds ~ toasted
    • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds ~ toasted
    • 380ml water (adjust to ur preference)
    • curry leaves (optional)
    • cooking oil to fry
    Method :~
    1. Mix flour with omum, sesame and cumin seeds. Now rub the flour with margerine until it resembles breadcrumbs.
    2. Make a dough by adding water gradually to the flour mixture. Prepare smaller doughs to fit in the murukku mould.
    3. Meanwhile, heat up the oil in wok. Place some dough into murukku mould and press through. Make a few swirls onto the reverse surface of a slotted spoon.
    4. Place the shaped murukku gently into oil and fry until it turns golden brown. U may add some curry leaves while frying is in process. Repeat till finish.
    5. Cool before storing.
    To toast the spices > Fry them without oil until aromatic, then leave to cool.

    Sending this entry to Shaz's Muhibbah Malaysian Monday!

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