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♥...Some Pics of our New Home...♥

Jeng jeng jeng...goodday all!!! babai

My connection is super fast right now, so I'm not wasting any second blabbering...straight to the premier show of my new kitchen...themed Black & White...ihikhik

Also premiering my dear Hubby's Marine Tank..standing tough as the divider between the 2nd living hall and dining. Can view the coral and fishes from 3 angles...malu

Oh yeah, some of my cyberfriends had been asking for shots of our new home…I'll post some here too…

Welcome to my Home! Have a glass of Freshly made Orange Juice...

My Kitchen! All Black and White…hihi…
my kitchen
White Acrylic cabinets – White wall tiles – Tabletop Granite (Black Galaxy from India) – Black Floor tiles (Black Galaxy)


From back view
Another view

cooking area
Okey, here’s where I cook! hihi…

kitchen n tank
Front view - that’s my Hubby Marine Tank

marine tank2
My Hubby’s reef…not packed with corals as yet

The Inhabitants…marine tank3
I like this fish…Purple Anthias
marine tank
bubble coral My fav Green Bubble Coral
rishie's gobi2 Rishie’s fish…Royal Dottyback
rishie's gobi

Checking on something??? kitchen

Our leisure…hehe!
peacock From prayer room ~ Etched Peacock on tempered glass

chandelier Chandelier falling from 20ft high ceiling

That’s all for now! Phew it took me 2 hours just to upload these pics…hahaha!

♥...love2cook is Back new Oven and a Cake...♥

Halloooooooooooooooooooo my dear friends!!! How U all been??? peluk

Been a month now since my last post! We were really occupied with our new home...decorating and arranging stuffs...phew! penat

It's all complete now and Hubby is back to work as Brazil...senyumkenyit

Actually our new home has no proper internet connection as yet, waiting for phone lines from Telekom so that I can surf with my streamyx...(thanks to my Hubby for commenting at shoutbox about my situation here)...

I'm currently using Maxis broadband...real lousy from noon way I could open my blog with this super-duper connection...haishhh...

Surprisingly, it's been working fine since this morning...but dunno when it'll drop connection again...

So, back to my new home story...we had the Housewarming prayers on 3th April and started to live in since then. We are enjoying every moment here now (though we are missing our former home, which we've planned to sell).

I have a brand-new kitchen now, built to my liking...thanks alot to dear Hubby for fulfilling my requests. Love U Chelo! cium

Well, I'll post my kitchen pics next time ya...need to go through my folders.

As U all know I've yet to indulge in baking world. Baking cakes/biscuits etc were not in my interest until I started blogging...seriously!

Thus, Hubby recently bought me a Teka built-in oven for my new kitchen...and I've started my baking for the last one week...

As the first trial, we made a Marble Cake using a premix flour (my Hubby did almost everything, my work was just placing the cake tray in the ovengelakguling). The result was okey, except for the cracked top and browned edges...the inner part was yummy though! lapar Sorry, no full cake pic...left just that one piece for a click...senyumkenyit

I will surely need lots of tips and tricks from all those baking experts out there...U ladies will help me na! sengihnampakgigi

Okey, let's have a look at my oven and the cake, sorry I lost the initial picture...this one was taken during a chicken-grill...muahahaha!

teka oven HX760

Our First Marble Cake...menarimarblecaketrial marblecaketrial2 marblecaketrial3

Hereby, I would like thank all my cyberfrens for ur wishes and support given to love2cook's family during my absence from the blogworld...
Thanks a zillion for coming over often to check my whereabouts...there are so many comments and messages sweet of U all!

Heartiest Welcome to all new visitors and followers too...
I'll surely visit U back soon...

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